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How To Uninstall Cortana- An Invaluable Assistant


What is Cortana?

What is Cortana? Have you heard about Google now from google, Alexa from Amazon, or Siri from apple? If you do and know how it operates, then Cortana is no different belongs to Microsoft. Windows phone, which consists of 8.1 versions and Windows 10 on the computer, has Cortana. Cortana is named after a character in Microsoft synthetic intelligence game series named Halo and the same voice artist(Jen Taylor), who played the character, the voice of the Cortana, too, especially in the US version. Cortana is in various languages such as English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, and Spanish. You should know uninstall Cortana or install cortana at any time.


Cortana is basically a personal digital assistant of Microsoft users assigned to assist you in completing your tasks like solving any educational problems, setting a reminder, etc. Now, speaking of about the benefits of voice control, then the answer is you can do it hands-free without looking at a screen. If you meant why it is better than Siri or Alexa or Google voice, then the answer is it’s much easier to invent your own commands for Cortana than it is for the other voice assistants.

You can get your Windows Phone to plot a route home and start giving turn-by-turn navigation instructions with a single voice command while riding your motorcycle. You can try to set up the same stuff on an Android phone, and while theoretically, it’s possible, you could not get good reliable results. Siri is out of the race entirely because it just can’t handle background noise or unexpected sentence structure or noise words like “um.”Most of the apparent intelligence is a result of the search engine backing the assistant.

Cortana uses Bing and Google Voice to use Google, so they both perform much better than Siri and Alexa at figuring out what you mean. Google Voice is just as good at speech recognition and sentence analysis, but it’s designed for continuous listening, and this means it flattens the battery of your motorcycle Bluetooth headset. You can put Cortana in continuous listening mode (“Hey Cortana…”), but this is not her only mode of operation. know how to uninstall cortana.

How to Set Up Cortana:

To set up Cortana (install or uninstall Cortana), all you have to do is open search bar and write Cortana Settings and when it appears, just click on it. A variety of options will pop up, but before that, Hey Cortana voice activation appears. Computer users can accurately function Cortana, but for that, you need guidance, so just click Learn how I say ‘Hey Cortana,’ but for that, your headphone should be in working condition. Tick to “Try to respond only to me” for the purpose of making Cortana listen to you only. At the same time, when you want to turn off Cortana, then just Switch to off from Hey Cortana. This can be activated manually any time just click the microphone button. Cortana can access your and your devices’ every information, so it’ up to you whether you are comfortable sharing your information with it. You can use these accounts on the Connected account option. Selecting it will allow Cortana to give full access, which will help you to save some efforts and easily can access these accounts. If you are a private person, then you can disable the option and simply unlink all of the accounts. If you want Cortana to call you by a nickname of your preference, then just go to About Me category, and over there, you’ll discover Change my name the option just click and write the name that you want from Cortana to call you.


Cortana Homepage:

If you are windows 10 and windows 8.1 mobile user, then just click the search button and voila welcome to Cortana home where you’ll be provided the latest news and things that Cortana thinks you might be interested in.



You will find it on the left of Cortana. When you find the Notebook, you can add your information on a notebook on the basis that Cortana can make preferences and will show it to you on its a home page next time when you will open the Cortana home screen.


Reminders Setting:

It gets set automatically whenever you search about something to remind and will remind you when it requires. Moreover, you can set reminders manually; all you have to do is just click Notebook, and select reminders from there and set reminders, and even you can delete or modify it when you want to.


Hiding the Search Button:

Taskbar contains Cortana, so for hiding its search bar, what you should do is go to the taskbar of your computer. There you will find Cortana and the option that says Hidden on it, and by selecting it, you can hide your Cortana. You can remove it, too, just go to the taskbar and then go to search, and there you will find the disable option. Select it, and your Cortana is disabled.


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Uninstalling Cortana:

Uninstall Cortana by Local Group Policy editor:

Do you have windows 10 enterprise or professional? Then you should know how  uninstall Cortana by dint of assisting from the local group policy editor. For that, all you have to do is perform some steps such as~

  • First openRun box by pressing Windows key+R. Now type gpedit.msc on the open section and hit OK. Your Local Group Policy Editor will open.
  • Then there, click on the Computer configuration. There you will find Administrative templates. Double click on it, you will find Windows component then inside Windows Component, you will find the Search file.
  • Inside the search file, you will find Allow Cortana. Double click on it and select Disable option and Press OK.
  • To view the state of Allow Cortana details, tap on the Standard tab option under Allow Cortana. There you can view whether your Cortana is disabled or not. If disabled, then close Local Group Policy editor by simply clicking on the X button on the top right corner.

Now you can sign out your account. Just click the start menu, then go to the user icon and click on the Sign Out option. Then simply restart your computer for the purpose of disabling Cortana entirely from your computer. After disabling of Cortana, You will just get the Search icon on the place of Cortana. If you want again to enable your Cortana, then again go to Local Group Policy Editor and then simply select Enabled option on the Allow Cortana option.

Disabling Cortana by Registry Editor:

Now, if you are a user of Windows 10 home, then your Cortana will not disable by Local Group Policy Editor. Instead, You will have to use the Registry Editor for that purpose you should know how to uninstall Cortana from your computer. This is applicable to those windows 10 enterprise and professional versions, as well. You just have to perform these steps~

  • Press the Windows key along with R; then your Run box will pop up, then on that open box, just write Regedit and press OK.
  • A window of Registry Editor will pop up where you will be asked that whether you want to allow this registry editor making any changes on your computer or not. Press Yes on that, and you will get the Registry Editor window.
  • Now search for the folder HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE. Inside that the folder, you will get SOFTWARE folder double click on it, Search for Policies Folder, then continuously search for Microsoft, Windows, and Search options by double-clicking the before folder. When you double click on Search option on Registry Editor, you will find the AllowCortana option. Double click on it and edit the value data to 0, and the base should be Hexadecimal.

And if you don’t find the Search key below the Windows option, then you have to perform some task. Those are given below~Go to Windows option under Registry Editor then right-click on it. You will find a new option and there select the critical option. Create a new key and name it. Then find the Windows Search option. Right-click on it. You will get New option and then select DWORD (32-bit) Value option. Rename it AllowCortana.So, now AllowCortana value is 0 so, Cortana is disabled. Now close the Registry Editor by simply clicking on the X button on the top right corner. on Lock Screen:

If you didn’t disable it on the above processes, then you can disable from the lock screen from the windows anniversary update. Just go to the settings and turn the lock screen option off. Now go to the home button and check whether the Cortana is disabled or not.

Cortana Cortana Cortana


Disabling Cortana on Lock Screen:

If you didn’t disable it on the above processes, then you can disable from the lock screen from the windows anniversary update. Just go to the settings and turn the lock screen option off. Now go to the home button and check whether the Cortana is disabled or not.


Concluding Note:

Cortana is undoubtedly an outstanding Artificial Intelligence assistant for windows users. It assists in minimizing the efforts of Microsoft Windows users. For getting Cortana’s assistance, a user has to share private data so people who do not like to share their private data, can uninstall Cortana entirely with all the processes that are provided above in this article and keep their data secure and private.

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