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Bitcoin news aggregators are always on the run owing to the rapid growth in this space.

An alarming interest and knowledge in the investors have lead to a diverse pool of people coming together to pool in the crypto market. However, the market is still dominated by Bitcoin with 54.24% dominance and with a circulating supply of 17,186,987 BTC (only 21 Million BTC can be mined till 2140). In the coming future, the lightning network will further enhance Bitcoin’s Blockchain which will multiply its use-cases manifold.

As ICOs came up and a broader market of altcoins began to flourish, BTC became the reserve asset for that larger economy. This grew to become a significant feature of Bitcoin, especially in the bull markets of 2014 and 2017. While Bitcoin has faced slack owing to its volatility, it still claims its rightful place as the king of the cryptoverse. While many may not know but first Bitcoin purchase for Pizza. Additionally, May 22 is celebrated as the Bitcoin Pizza day. While the creator of Bitcoin still remains a mystery, it has never failed to intrigue investors.

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