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How to fish in Stardew Valley with Some Powerful Ways


Stardew Valley is an online RPG game. It allows the players to experience virtual country life in a village. The players inherit the farm plot in Stardew Valley from their grandfathers. With some tools that are available on hand and some coins, the players start their new country life. This article specify some powerful ways about how to fish in stardew valley.

They will have to learn to manage and cultivate crops the land to make a happy home, but that would not be easy. The old town is changing because the Joja Corporation is here in the town now.

The community center now stays empty unfortunately because it was the center of all the gathering. But not all hope is lost, with hard work and dedication, the Valley will be great again. It is a relaxing game, and most works are relatively simple, but fishing is notoriously challenging and hard, especially for beginners.

Stardew valley
Stardew valley

Getting Started…


Character Creation

The first step in any RPG is creating the character. You can customize your virtual character’s name, gender, appearance, favorite things, pet preferences, and Farm name. From the options, you can get two genders, twenty-four skin tones, one hundred twelve shirts, four pants, fifty-six hairstyles, twenty accessories, and sex animals, including three cats and three dogs.

Stardew valley

Farm Map Choice

You can also select a farm of your choice. Once chosen, the farm is permanent. Each farm has the same area, but most of them are used on the nature of the farm. The standard farm is the original one that has lots of space for the cultivation of crops and animal roaming. The forest farm has limited space for farming, but it can be enjoyable to live.

The hill-top farm has lots of dangerous areas and a mining ground. This place is filled with geode stones. Riverland farm offers lots of water, and you can do much fishing. The wilderness farm is situated near a lake, and you will get to meet monsters and golems. The four corners farm is divided into four parts that are for a group. For fishing, you will need to choose a farm near a waterbody.

Preparing First Harvest

You can use tools like an axe, pickaxe, scythe to clean your farm. You will have to use a hoe for the soil and plant parsnip seeds that Mayor Lewis gave you. Water the seedlings regularly with a watering can. You can sprinkle pure water your crops every day to make them grow to the point they are harvestable. It will take up to four days.

In the beginning, the watering can only provide one water tile, and then it can be filled from a pond, river, or other places. Watering is vital because if you do not water the crops, they will not grow. Fortunately, they will not die either. Sprinklers are also an essential tool to perform it.

Energy and Productivity

You need the energy to have good productivity. That is why it is essential to eat correctly. Most available crops or other items can be eaten. Sleeping is also important. It will restore energy. If you go to sleep at a late hour, you will not have full energy. In the summer, there will be an earthquake. It will remove the rocks blocking a spa. The spa will be useful to restore energy in a short amount of time.


Players need to complete some tasks to level up their skills. If you grow a crop fully, Farming XP can be earned. Chopping down trees will give you Foraging XP. After you break rocks, you will get Mining XP. Your Fishing XP will increase after fishing. As the skills increase, you will receive crafting recipes and professions.

Villagers and friends

When you gift your neighbors, the friendship rating will increase. Then the villagers will give you recipes or foods. They will treat you in a more friendly way. The player has to earn a high level of friendship to date or later marry a fellow villager.


You will get weather forecasts, recipes for dishes, and much other information. Every player will get one television at the beginning.


You can enjoy fishing in the lakes, rivers, and oceans in Stardew Valley. For fishing in this virtual game, you will need a fishing rod and eight points of energy. Correctly understanding the mechanics of the activity is crucial. For the beginners, the river running through the Pelican Town and the ocean is the best spot.

Skills needed

At first, you will have some experience. You will use a fishing rod and a crab pot. At first, what kind of fish you catch will not matter because, in the beginning, you need to do it for the experience. As you gain experience, you will be able to catch more pricey fish. You will spend one energy per bar by powering the throw. The power will determine how far you will be able to throw and how accurately. As your skills improve, you will be able to catch more efficiently at a higher level. The green brick will become more comprehensive. Your fishing rod has nothing to do with your skill. The more you practice fishing, the more you will get better at it. Many people find it difficult how to fish in stardew valley.

Level 1

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)\

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Level 2

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)

Ability to Craft Bait

Stardew Valley

Level 3

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)

Ability to Craft Crab Pot

Recipe for Dish o’ The Sea

Stardew Valley Level 4

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)

Ability to Craft Recycling Machine

Level 5

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)

Choose between:

Fisher – fish worth 25% more

Trapper – resources needed to craft crab pots reduced

Stardew Valley

Level 10

Fisher Track

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)

Choose between:

Angler – fish worth 50% more

Pirate – chance to find treasure while fishing doubled

Level 10

Trapper Track

Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)

Choose between:

Mariner – crab pots never catch trash items

Lure master – crab pots no longer need bait

Stardew valley
Stardew valley

Process of Fishing

  • You will have to prepare the rod before starting to catch fish.
  • Just hold and press the left button of the mouse to control the fishing rod. You will be able to see your progress bar to understand for far you can throw the bobber. Red means it will be close, and green means it will go far. Then you need to release the button to throw into the water.
  • When an exclamation mark arrives by the bobber, click the left button of the mouse. If it shows ‘hit!’ that means you caught a fish.
  • You should know how to fish in stardew valley as fishes inside the brick to increase the catch meter.
  • Invest in a better rod. In the beginning, you will get a bamboo rod, and after some time, you will get access to Fiberglass or Iridium rod, being the best. The latter is suitable for rare fishing ones.
  • You will need to observe the fishes know how they move because, in this game, every kind of fish has personalities different from each other. Get to know them to become better at catching them.
  • You will also need to know that some fishes only come in certain seasons or even certain times of the day. For example, squids can be found only on a winter night, and octopuses will be found in summer nights. The weather has a massive part in the availability of fishes. In the rainy season, you will find Catfish and Shad. On sunny hot days, you will get Sunfish and Rainbow Trout.
  • The Location of catching the fish is also crucial. How to Fish in stardew valley that are found in the ocean.The fishes that are found in the ocen will not be found in the river or the lake. Fishes differ even in the area the river is flowing through. In the mountain rivers, you will find certain kinds of fishes that you will not find in rivers flowing through towns or forests. In the mines, you will underground ponds that will provide you rare exotic fishes.
  • When you find bubbles and ripples in the water, which means that it is filled with fishes. The darker water spots mean they are more profound than the rest of the waterbody. These places have more fish than shallow waters.
  • You can use different kinds of tackles to catch different kinds of fish. The Trap Bobber is a useful equipment. When you get it, the progress bar will be 66% slower, making the process of fishing easier for people who are struggling.
  • Another exciting thing you can do to increase your fish-catching skill is to consume foods that will help momentarily. Trout soup from Willy’s shop will increase it by 1 point. Dish o’ the sea will increase it by 3 points. Willy’s recipe to Clam Chowder will increase your fishing by one point. You will get plenty of plants like seaweed from seawater and algae from freshwater. Do not throw them away. You can consume them to get energy during fishing.

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Fishing can seem a dull activity for some people, but once you get into it, you will be surprised to find out how interesting it is. It takes time, skill, patience, and knowledge to do this activity successfully, and it is a great option to pass your time. This article specified in detail how to fish in stardew valley.

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