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Top Crypto Telegram Channels List - [ VERIFIED ]

Cryptocurrencies have shifted the interest of investors from traditional investment to a completely new technology of digital currencies, which face no boundaries, unlike stock trading.

People are not widely and completely understand Crypto as the means of payment and currency. Hence various platforms are leveraged to promote cryptocurrencies and educate people, whilst investing in Digital Currencies.

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Telegram has gotten great success and attention in the world of Digital Currencies. Features and policies of the telegram have assisted users to leverage it for investment and discussion of cryptocurrency investing.

Crypto channels were started in Telegram in 2020, since then, it has been the preferred medium for investors to share market data, be updated to Market news.

There are various types of top crypto Telegram channels, providing various services like News, trading signals, ICO.

These channels are quick, excited and highly updated. Competition to get followers has risen for one year.

There are Top crypto telegram channels of different types. You can get confused, without proper research and cryptocurrency investment experience, it’s impossible to figure out the top crypto telegram channels. Sometimes telegram channels are pretending and spammy, you should avoid joining these channels.  

Channel NameChannel LinkChannel TypeChannel FollowersWhy FollowRatings
ICO SpeaksClick HereCrypto63,220Experienced Investors9/10
Coin TelegraphClick HereBitcoin137,134Professional Community8/10
CoinSpotClick HereBitcoin17,100Well-Experienced Team7.5/10
Fat Pig SignalsClick HereCrypto51,388Quick News and Updates7/10
Rocket WalletClick HereCrypto35,578Provide Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals.6/10
Universal Crypto SignalsClick HereBitcoin29,848Provide short-term and long-term signals5/10
Verified Crypto TradersClick HereCrypto24 140Spot trading has 90% of accuracy4/10

Top Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels List

With extensive research and member reviews, we have shortlisted the top Crypto telegram channels that we consider the most worthy and relevant.

We have showcased the name and relevant features of 10 Top Crypto telegram channels. The telegraph channel link is also attached, you can join right away.

1. ICO Speaks

It is a blockchain community consisting of investors, traders, and other Digital Currency enthusiasts. They educate investors and help in trading.

Why Follow Ico Speaks Telegram Channel?

  1. Their experienced investors make a profit daily and share their strategies in the channel.
  2. They are administered by a group of 15 members, advisors, and staff, who help followers of their channel.
  3. ICO speaks is very quick in updating news and information.
  4. Their team does project and shares them in the channel, to avoid any scam.
  5. This channel is also connected to Blockchain startups and discusses in the channel.

Telegram Channel –

2. Coin Telegraph

Cointelegraph was found in 2013, as a media covering news on Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Along with the telegram group, they have a website to present blogs, editorials, and news. They also provide consultation facilities.

Why Follow Coiltelegraph Telegram Channel?

  1. One of the earliest communities of cryptocurrencies.
  2. This community has a well-experienced team from different parts of the world.
  3. It is the most well-organized community in telegram.
  4. They work on news, markets, editorials, consulting, etc.
  5. All the news in the channel can be elaborated and understood better from the website.

Telegram Channel –

3. CoinSpot

CoinSpot is based in Australia, provides an option to buy, sell and swap bitcoin and other currencies. Found in 2013, it helps users to buy Digital Currencies directly from their website. Their telegram channel is very informative.

Why Follow CoinSpot Telegram Channel – 

  1. A very professional community.
  2. They provide trading facilities, you can directly purchase or sell with them
  3. CoinSpot maintains adequate security protocols to protect its followers.
  4. Content for beginners, intermediate, and experts, all are provided.
  5. You will also learn about swapping currencies with CoinSpot.

Telegram Channel –

4. Fat Pig Signals

They offer affordable Crypto trading Reports with extensive analysis and strategies. It is a cryptocurrency consultancy company, engaging its audience in Telegram. Their channel provides free basic advice and suggestions, but for very professional help, you have to hire their services

Why Follow Fat Pig Signals Telegram Channel

  1. Provides quick news and updates to free users. The count of free users is around 25000.
  2. VIP channel provides customized, professional help, with a proper effort by their team
  3. Across all signals, it has more than 75% of accuracy.
  4. Their admin panel is interactive, you will be engaged well in the channel.
  5. Fat Pig Signals also support Auto-trading.
  6. They offer short, long, and mid-term signals.

Telegram Channel –

5. Rocket Wallet

Rocket is a France-based channel, lead by two cryptocurrency experts. They have experience of over a decade and will surely help you improve your investing strategies.

Why Follow Rocket wallet Telegram Channel –

  1. It has free as well as VIP channels.
  2. They have channels in English, French, and Spanish 
  3. The paid group has an accuracy of more than 70%.
  4. They have an average of 3 traders daily.
  5. This channel offers around 4 signals daily, which gets more than 2k views per post.
  6. They provide Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals.

Telegram Channel –

6. Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto signal is quick and young. It was established by Indian traders and analysts in 2018. They provide daily news and updates in Bitcoin and other currencies.

Why Follow Universal Crypto Signals Telegram Channel.

  1. Provide short-term and long-term signals.
  2. They have monthly, yearly, quarterly premium plans.
  3. A separate customer support section is provided.
  4. They cover Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals.

Telegram Channel –

7. Verified Crypto Traders

Their signal provides are registered legally within the Netherlands. It is one of the very few registered traders. With a team from across the globe, it is the most trusted channel of cryptocurrencies in Telegram.

Why Follow Verified Crypto Traders Telegram?

  1. Free and VIP channels available.
  2. It is famous for providing platinum videos by a trader with 30 years of experience.
  3. Spot trading has 90% of accuracy.
  4. 3 signals per day on average.
  5. They are focused on Verified Crypto Traders focuses primarily on Binance, Kucoin, Bybit, Bitmex signals
  6. Provide Automated trading.

Telegram channel –

These were the Best Crypto Telegram Channels in 2021. Every channel is experienced in various cryptocurrencies and regularly sends signals. You must follow at least one of these channels to get success as a cryptocurrency investor.

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