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ICO Review | Victorieum – A Full Service Offshore Bank for Crypto Traders

ICO Review | Victorieum - A Full Service Offshore Bank for Crypto Traders

Concept behind the Victorieum –

A full-service Offshore Bank for cryptocurrency traders, investors, and enthusiasts are Victorieum’s one of many key features. Our team strongly believes in Blockchain technology and the future of cryptocurrencies. Victorieum Offshore Bank will fully support all the cryptocurrencies and blockchain transactions for its stakeholders.

           GREEN FLAGS
1Victorieum has a team of 18 members (technical and advisors) and each profile is reachable on different social media platforms.
2The project idea is clear and blockchain has an essential role to play in it.
3There is a transparent roadmap with concrete dates for each phase of the development.
4Victorieum’s whitepaper has a well-illustrated information regarding every aspect of the project.
5There is a proper demonstration of funds and token allocation in the whitepaper.
6Victorieum has clearly depicted the revenue and expense forecast for the project.
7The investors’ money will be well utilized and is clearly depicted in the whitepaper.
8The project’s team are great fellows who decided to develop such a platform which has the chance to be in-demand around the world.
9Victorieum has a hard cap of USD 65,000,000 compared to soft cap value of 10.000,000. The kind of idea they are about to implement and a huge market to back them, it’s evidently achievable.
1Team Victorieum has failed to propagate their agenda through social media platforms. The various platforms depict that they have recently joined the network, in July 2018. This resulted in fewer followers for the project.

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