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With a collective market cap of $186 billion, the cryptocurrency market has been intriguing investors and speculators alike. The cryptocurrency news aggregators often have a tough time creating news with so many events happening each day. With a total of 1500 cryptocurrencies in the market, it is often very confusing to choose the right cryptocurrency. With volatility as the only constant in the crypto world some are vary investing in the cryptocurrencies. As new cryptocurrencies are coming up every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track trends in the crypto market. Having a strong support from banking partners(Standard Chartered, Sumishin Bank) Ripple is rapidly carving a niche for itself. While Ethereum’s blockchain has varied applications, new coins like Zilliqa claim of 2488 tps.

However, with the advent of security tokens, stable coins and asset backed coins the scenario is gradually changing. But, only a small part of the population is actually playing with cryptocurrencies. A mere 2% of the Netherland population has invested in cryptocurrencies. Only a few tech oriented people can actually conceptualise the technology behind it. It is often a herculean task for a newcomer to understand the trends in the market and subsequently invest.

So our mission is to provide you with all the cryptocurrency news available in one go at the earliest.
Our team strives to make the crypto space better for the newcomers as well as the experienced ones. A common question which comes is the credibility of the sources a person is reading. However, our team consists of investment analysts, traders, blockchain developers, researchers who collaborate and bring you the only the finest information pieces. Additionally, we have joined hands with other publications as well. This helps us bring you the latest cryptocurrency news. Be it a price analysis, an ICO review, an interview with a big name in the cryptosphere- we have it all covered. Our team works diligently to give our readership only the best.

Our aim is to become world leaders in crypto journalism space and make cryptocurrency news available to everyone. With a mission to fulfill the curiosity of our esteemed readership we have covered major milestones in our journey. Be assured that only the right cryptocurrency news will reach you. Come join us in our journey.

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