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ICO Review | One Solution – Decentralized Fund for Investments in ICOs

One Solution ICO

Concept Behind One Solution

One Solution seeks to create a decentralised solution which will allow project coin holders to independently manage their funds. The participants will receive profits from secure and highly profitable investment from the best ICOs. The enterprise envisions to attain full transparency and risk minimization.

The data will be stored on an internal blockchain which will contain information regarding the project selection system. With One Solution, investors can obtain tokens which will subsequently be exchanged for a dividend yielding cryptocurrency. 70 % of the fund’s profits will be allocated to dividends and 30% will be put aside for reinvestment purposes and increasing the funds capital.

Moreover, One Solution’s cryptocurrency, Solvo will allow holders to obtain dividends in profit shares from funds.  Solvo is the world’s first dividend yielding cryptocurrency. Additionally, they can manage the funds by means of voting.

     1. The project implements Blockchain at its core and launching the world’s first dividend yielding cryptocurrency which is unique
     2. The project has a well-defined roadmap and looks feasible. Also, it provides all the information regarding the development of the project.
     3. One Solution has a duly audited MVP for their project which is good to Attract Investors
     5. The CXOs have prior experience in the blockchain industry which make OneSolution one of best opportunity to trust and invest
     6. The ecosystem runs through participant voting
     7. Bounty campaign present for people to get free tokens for their spreading the words
     8. Hard Cap is decent and achievable
     9. Explainer Video Present:
     1. One Solution has a limited number of followers on social media platforms.
     2. Bounty needs a boost.
     3. They still don’t have any Youtube review by any Influencers or Crypto/Blockchain believer.
     4. No funds allocated for the research part.

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