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ICO Review | UTIX – Blockchain Based Hosting And E-Ticketing Platform

ICO Review | UTIX - Blockchain Based Hosting And E-Ticketing Platform

Concept behind the Utix

UTIX is an online, decentralized blockchain event hosting and e-ticketing platform. The UTIX protocol eliminates any possibility of counterfeit tickets being sold and also ensures that secondary pricing can be controlled as well. The smart contracts will facilitate transfers between the UTIX Reserve Fund (RF), the event organizer, the user, and the secondary ticket purchaser. UTIX allows the event organizer to enjoy all the benefits of using a blockchain system, without the complexities involved.

1The project UTIX is innovative with blockchain being implemented at its core.
2The project UTIX has a large consumer base and the market is bound to expand further.
3The roadmap for UTIX is transparent and provides information regarding each phase of project development.
4The team UTIX is passionate and can be reached at LinkedIn.
5No expenses over the Bounty campaigns for project UTIX.
6UTIX exhibits proper token and fund allocation for the project.
7UTIX has a duly audited MVP for their project.
8UTIX founders have previous experience in the blockchain sector and ICO investment
1UTIX happens to lack on the social media with few number of followers on varying social media platforms.

UTIX Important Links:

Whitepaper : Link





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