Interview with Alexander Lozben: moving to Dubai, development and promotion in the crypto industry, the main features of the crypto market in Dubai

Investments in the crypto business are no longer just a trend, but the realities of a successful modern person. This is a direction that is now at the top of its relevance and popularity, helping people to invest and successfully increase their capital.

Many investors consider Dubai to be the center of the crypto business. A successful businessman, crypto expert and investor Alexander Lozben shared his opinion about experts, promotion and development in the crypto industry.

Q1. What prompted you to make the decision to move to Dubai? And why did you choose this particular city?
The decision to move to Dubai came from personal circumstances and was made entirely by accident. Up to that point I had already visited Dubai several times. This city swept me off my feet from the first second: ideal conditions for life and development, security, climate. In my opinion, Dubai is now the most trendy city, a city of huge opportunities and, for me personally, the best city on Earth.

Q2. How is the crypto industry developing in Dubai? Why do you think Dubai is called the center of crypto businessnow?
The crypto industry in Dubai is developing at an incredible rate. One of the factors indicating this is that a huge number of successful and wealthy people activelyrelocateto Dubainow. According to the famous publication “The Economist” Dubai is currently the leader in the number of millionaires and many of them are interested and engaged in crypto investments.That is why the crypto industry in Dubai is the most important trend on a par with investing in real estate.

Q3. How do you see the future of the crypto business in Dubai?
Dubai is at the top of world leaders in the crypto industrynow. Dubai will be able to break away from the rest of the world for decades in the development of the crypto industry,when full regulations will be adopted and a strong relationship between the crypto industry and the banking system will be built.

Q4. What events related to the crypto industry would you like to attend or maybe you have ideas for organizing an event?
Dubai has a huge number of networking events and conferences, concerts, yacht parties, seminars, business breakfasts, sports events related to the crypto industry. I consider attending such events necessary and promising for those who want to develop in the crypto business, so I attend themoften.

Q5. Who are the main experts in the crypto industry in Dubai personally for you?
In my opinion, Dubai has a whole expert community in a crypto direction, in that it is very difficult to single out one or even several main experts, since everyone has their own opinion, often these can be completely opposite opinions.
The more different opinions we hear, the more and more our picture of the world is formed. We accept and adopt different arguments, because it is very difficult to single out any one expert, rather I would call it a symbiosis of crypto experts and entrepreneurs who definitely have something to learn.

Q6. How do you plan to promote and develop in crypto business?
I will honestly share with you that I have grandiose plans for the promotion and development in crypto industry.Now my team is in the process of developing our Dubai office and I hope that in the near future we will fully and successfully gain a foothold in the crypto market of Dubai and continue to expand throughout the Middle East.

We thank Alexander Lozben for the interview, wish him and his team to achieve all their goals and win new summits.

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