Interview of CEO and Co-founder Ben Johnson of Meven

Ben Jhonson is one among the very famous personality CEO and Co-founder of Meven.
Meven is an accelerator consisting of a community-based IDO & INO Launchpad & a unique NFT collection of 1000 SeaPunks built on the Aptos blockchain

Q1.  We would like to know more about Meven and how it came to be what it is today. Could you please introduce our audience to it?

Ans:-  Meven is the Aptos Accelerator. The leading, community-owned launchpad on the Aptos blockchain.

We’ve had this idea for a long time, to build a community-owned launchpad, and create a strong community that can identify itself with the SeaPunks NFT collection (1000 unique NFTs). The only thing that needed to be decided was the chain on to build the launchpad. 

With the successful launch of Aptos, seeing that the community is friendly and thinking about the potential Aptos has, we’ve decided to build on this chain and have the advantage of being early and engaging this incredible community.

Now, our community members can become OGs or get whitelisted by solving the quests in Crew3 ( or on our Discord. (

We’re holding the largest airdrop in the entire Aptos ecosystem. We’re giving away 2.5% of the total supply ($100k) in $MEV to everybody joining the community.

Everyone can check the link below for details. Users can claim free $APT, as a welcome gift from the core team. That would be all for now. We’re preparing more airdrops, partnerships, and new perks.

Q2. Can you please briefly explain how Meven’s IDO and INO Launchpad differ from the other market launchpads?

Ans:- The Meven concept it’s unique. Meven will introduce the following features: IDO Launchpad,

INO (NFT) Launchpad, SeaPunks NFT collection, Staking rewards, OTC Marketplace, Community Airdrops, Community Insurance, Governance Voting, and Buyback programs.

Many of the features are familiar, but we have the first mover advantage in OTC Marketplace, Community Airdrops & the integration with our NFT collection.

Meven will be the first to act like an NFT project in terms of community and engagement while having a state-of-the-art Aptos-built launchpad.

Q3. Can you give us details of the Crew3 quest on Discord to receive the OG role? What are the benefits of receiving an OG role?

Ans:- The OGs will automatically be whitelisted for our presale round, and on top of that, they will get a chance to mint one of the 1000 unique SeaPunks completely free. The simply whitelisted users will be eligible to participate in the presale round, but if they also want to have the chance to mint an NFT, they should focus on getting the OG rank.

Moreover, we’ll have an Angel Round dedicated to our most important community members. In limited numbers, we are creating the Angel Sea Punks, part of the Sea Punks NFT collection, which will be airdropped for all the investors participating in the Angel Round. More information about this will be found on social media in the coming days.

Q4. Can we withdraw staked tokens from the platform before 30 Days?

Ans:- Yes. Anytime, but withdrawals before the 30 days means you’ll pay a commission of 20% of the amount staked and the potential accumulated rewards. The whole commission and the rewards will be then added to the staking pool for the rest of the holders.

Q5. Since we know that many blockchain platforms are available in the market, like Avalanche, Cardano, Ethereum, etc., what was the reason for choosing Aptos Blockchain? 

Ans:- Everybody knows that Aptos has a few advantages compared to the mentioned blockchains. These can be found here (, so I will not repeat them. 

We have chosen Aptos because we are granted the chance to be exceptionally early inside this ecosystem. This means we can build the most significant community Aptos will ever have in terms of launchpads, and of course, being this early means we can accelerate Aptos by launching the future top projects right now.

Q6. What is the role of Meven Dao in this Meven Ecosystem? How can it help MEV holders with governance rights?

Ans:- The Meven DAO acts as the lifeblood of the Meven ecosystem and empowers MEV holders with governance rights. In the true spirit of crypto and decentralization, Meven DAO members will form the core decision-makers of all major initiatives.

Initially, the DAO will focus on two core responsibilities – Project Voting and Proposal Voting.

  • Project Voting: Before launching any project in the future,e we will first make them pass the DAO vote. If the community considers that a particular project doesn’t deserve to be launched, they can reject it by voting against it.
  • Proposal voting: This is intentionally broad. It can be applied to any decision surrounding the Meven project and ecosystem, including treasury management, intelligent contract updates, etc.

Q7. We all know that many NFT Launchpads are in the market, so how do you think Meven differs from them? How will you urge creators to use Meven for their NFT collections?

Ans:- Indeed, there are many NFT launchpads out there. Their communities are pretty much the same. Meven will change this.

Q8. Do you have any specific information/announcement you’d like to share about Meven with our audience?

Ans:- We’ve been working hard to provide exceptional quality to our users, incredible UX/UI, and a unique NFT collection. We are also getting ready the reveal the next blockchain we’re going to #accelerate besides Aptos. Probably many of our community members can guess which one it is already, but we’ll have an official announcement coming soon.  

We are also preparing to show the world a preview of what we’ve been building, as the platform is looking better and better every day. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord!

CEO & Co-Founder: Ben Johnson


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