Interview Questions for Netizen

1. Can you explain the significance of the Netizen game and how it can resolve the issue of undervaluing users’ contributions on the internet?

The internet today is a series of tasks that we complete every day to navigate around the content that we actually like. Signing up, logging in, Captchas, liking, following, posting, voting, etc. Now imagine if we had a system to easily recognize and measure these kinds of interactions. And, imagine we could use this measure to weigh an individual’s contribution to a platform in relation to the value generated, and then return that value back to the user. What’s more, imagine we had some fun while doing it… That is Netizen. It is a social Role-Playing Game that transforms the internet experiences into a single gamified experience where users can play, level-up, and be rewarded for their contributions online.

2. Netizen uses “gamification” to incentivize users. Can you explain how this approach is different from the “Do THIS and you WILL receive THAT” mentality?

Gamification is a relatively new term, and the definition is broad. The gamification tools out there currently allow projects to launch contests with rewards for users who perform certain tasks, but the fun dries up the second the event is completed. One key difference with Netizen is that our users have access to continuous gamification. The game never ends! You can level-up and unlock new skills & perks through time. We’re continuously onboarding new projects and communities that will bring their own flair and rewards to the game. What’s more, we will add new blockchains and new platforms such as social networks to the game every quarter! This doesn’t prevent us from having contests and rewards along the way; we already have, but we want to expand the scope of gamification far beyond that and transform the internet as we know it into a vast, rich and continuous gameplay experience.

3. How does the Netizen game provide cross-platform progress and interoperability to its users?

Netizen is built upon a powerful gamification API and database that can be plugged into virtually any online platform and blockchain. We’ve started with Telegram and Twitter because that is the home of many Web3 communities that will greatly benefit from Netizen. They will now be able to see their community members’ contributions and reward them for it. Or maybe they will simply want to have fun with the Netizen Raids and Leaderboards. Or even play to meet other communities and connect! 

4. How do Actions, Raids, and Campaigns in Netizen promote continuous engagement and meaningful participation among its users? Can you provide a few examples?

Actions are single items, say “Retweet this TCU post on Twitter.” Raids are a series of actions, say “1- Hold this TCU NFT, 2- follow TCU on Twitter and 3- subscribe to the TCU Telegram channel.” Campaigns are a series of Raids combined for extra rewards.

While the continuous RPG type of gameplay is always playable in Netizen, Raids and Campaigns can be created at any time to capture the spirit of the moment. Raids can be centered around current trends and events or used to shine light on an upcoming initiative by a community. Campaigns are even more powerful than that. Campaigns can combine Raids from multiple communities and offer multiple types of rewards. This opens up opportunities for co-marketing and co-community building through gamification like never seen before!

5. Can you explain how Netizen measures and rewards user engagement through XP points?

Sure. We use XP points in a way that is similar to a Role-Playing Game. When you play a Role-Playing Game, your character performs tasks such as defeating enemies, exploring territories, completing quests, etc. When one of these tasks is performed, the character is awarded XP (Experience Points), which allows him to level up and unlock perks. Well, with Netizen, you can play the internet in much the same way! By completing actions on various internet platforms and blockchains, you can earn XP points, level up, and earn rewards!

6.How does Netizen ensure a fair and competitive environment among its users, specifically with regard to the Leaderboards?

Thank you so much for this question! This is such an important point. The gamification API behind Netizen is equipped with various forms of sophisticated anti-cheat technologies. Everything from the way the data is handled to the way users connect with various platforms is thought out in order to prevent manipulation. We also use AI to improve this technology over time. On top of that, we’re implementing bug bounties throughout the Netizen game. If anyone finds a flaw with the system and reports it to the team, they will be heavily rewarded within the game. By combining all of these aspects, we will maintain a secure and balanced system over time.

7. How does levelling up work in the Netizen platform and what benefits can users expect as they ascend levels?

The Netizen platform awards XP points to users for performing Actions, Raids, and Campaigns on the platform. As a user accumulates these points, they level up in a manner similar to an RPG. Achieving certain levels will award users all sorts of perks such as privileged access to Netizen, access to different skill-trees and XP multipliers, which can earn them additional Netizen tokens.

It’s important to note that every project and community onboarded to Netizen has its own XP points as well and creates its own RPG-type game with its own rewards. All Netizen users are then invited to participate! This creates an ever-expanding ecosystem of gameplay and rewards!

8.As a user of Netizen, how can one maintain a balance between earning XP points and building meaningful engagement across various internet platforms?

Another great question! 

Games are meant to be fun. They are social. They encourage us to set goals and to achieve them. They encourage us to take risks as we can fail in a safe environment and then try again. They can even teach us new skills. Netizen is intended to enhance and enrich the user experience online. That is, to add a game layer on top of how we already use the internet, not to completely replace it. Ultimately, it is up to us to curate a meaningful game for the internet. The beauty is that we, the team behind Netizen, do not have to do this alone. We will gamify and reward the process of sharing good ideas, as well as quality analysis and bug bounties.  

9. Can you explain the role of “Netizen Patrons” within the Netizen ecosystem and how they contribute to the gamified experience of the users?

Netizen Patrons are independent projects, communities, and businesses that contribute to the experience of users in a number of ways. Firstly, they bring in their own flair, culture, community, and ideas to Netizen, making it a more vibrant and diverse place. Secondly, they establish their own scoring system, which means all Netizens have a larger pool of gameplay and rewards to play with. Thirdly, some Patrons will purchase services from Netizen. A portion of this revenue will be used to purchase Netizen tokens from the market and then distributed back to the users who contribute by earning Netizen XP. 

10. Can you describe how the Netizen Telegram Gamification App (TGA) connects various internet platforms and incentivizes engagement?

We’ve bundled the power of Netizen gamification technology into an easy-to-use app right within Telegram itself. We want to make it as easy as possible for users to access this new technology and for Patrons to use it for their communities as well. Through the app, you can participate in Raids and Campaigns with Actions across Telegram, Twitter, Polygon, BNB, and Ethereum. By doing so, you not only level up to get access to perks in the future, but you can also earn the prizes put up by Netizen and Patrons now! 

11. As a Netizen Patron, what tools and benefits can one expect from the platform, particularly in terms of community engagement and audience expansion?

Netizen Patrons benefit in a number of ways! Firstly, they have access to the technology of gamification to onboard, educate, and scale their communities. They can invite all Netizen communities to participate in their Raids and Campaigns to expand their user base. They can create co-marketing Campaigns with other Patrons in the ecosystem to reach a new audience and form meaningful partnerships. And they can monitor their community’s activity through the Netizen dashboard and refine their strategy over time.

12. Can you share more about the early bird program for Netizen Patrons? How does it aim to encourage a culture of value and recognition for user contributions in the internet space?

The early bird program for Netizen Patrons was launched to form key partnerships to grow the Netizen community. We’re offering all paid features of Netizen free for 12 months to the projects that apply and are selected. We’ve already formed two key partnerships: one with Web3StrongerTogether, an organization of over 100 communities that organize events to promote a healthy and thriving Web3 industry, and one with a blockchain launching later this year that will use Netizen to gamify its entire ecosystem of 150+ projects. Applications are still open for the time being, and the form can be found on our company website  

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