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How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft – The Best Guide


Foxes in Minecraft are one of the cutest looking animals which you might be able to find here in the game ecosystem. It is not unusual for you to want to catch one of these sweet things and make those as your pets in the game. For this very reason, it might be in your interest to befriend one of these. After all, there’s nothing more adorable than these four-legged creatures. To tame a fox in Minecraft, there are few things which you should know. In this article, we will be discussing exactly just this so that it could make the whole process a lot easier for you. In this article you will get to know how to tame a fox in minecraft.


The zones where Foxes are likely to spawn in the game

It’s a little bit harder to find Foxes than other animals that are typically found in the Minecraft world. Taiga biomes are one of the few areas where you might have to search to locate them. These are unusually cold forests that can be found on Minecraft’s surface and are of three varieties: giant tree, standard, and snowy taigas. Foxes are often seen to spawn in particular in all these areas collectively in two or four. To tame a fox in minecraft  there is also a five percent chance that they will spawn as baby versions of themselves. If catching specific colored versions of these animals is one of your concerns, then you should look inside snowy Taigas to find the white ones and the normal Taigas for the red ones.

tame a fox

Tame a fox in minecraft

If you want to tame a fox in minecraft, then at first you need to create a fox which is brand new. Then what you need to do is to convince the fox you have created to start breeding with the one which you have caught. To do this, you need to feed some sweet berries to the fox you have and some to the other fox whom you want it to breed on. After that happens, the new fox which you get will be loyal.

There’s also a common problem which you will encounter while taming the new fox because it tends to follow other Foxes it meets. Therefore you need to keep it isolated from the other ones. A better way to do this would be to attach a collar on it and to move away with it from the other furry creatures. In this way, you can make it have all it’s attention to you. You also need to make sure that you take good care of it as it is your watch.

Minecraft - tame a fox

You can find leads out in the ecosystem; however, sometimes, you need to craft a few of those by the following ingredients, which are four strings plus one slimeball. Suppose if you are breeding two Foxes with different colors, for example: red and blue, then it’s possible that their offspring has a fifty percent chance of retaining either color of its parents.

Behaviors of Virtual creatures in the game

Foxes are quite quick to move away from nearby players or wolves, just like ocelots and other agile creatures. However, if you slowly sneak up on one of those, they have a lesser chance of feeing away. Sweet berry bushes have no effect on them like dealing damage or slowing their movement speed while they move away. While they are being bred using fresh berries, it creates an offspring that trusts its owner; however, it still follows adult Foxes nearby. The baby foxes, which naturally spawn, do not trust other players.

How do they attack?

Foxes are known to attack other animals in the game ecosystem, which are: salmon, chickens, tropical fish, turtles, cod, rabbits, etc. They also attack any other animals which hurt their, in-game owners whom they trust. They pounce or run towards the target to attack. A fox lowers its head and body for becoming shorter for pouncing on its target. After that, they perform a jump on the air, which is usually two to five blocks high. They can also leap over walls and fences. Before pouncing, they shake from side to side, and while they are in the air, their legs can be seen waving in bedrock edition. Quite often, they are momentarily stuck while pouncing on a snowy layer and keep their face down for some time. They return to normal shortly after some time.

how fox attack

How do they sleep?

At day time, when there is no thunderstorm, the foxes usually find a space of skylight level 14 and go to sleep in there afterward. When sleeping, it moves its head slowly in an up and down manner. If a mob or a player approaches it, then it quickly wakes up. Foxes don’t run away if approached by a sneaking player. They also wake up if the skylight level somehow reaches 15 or above either because of a block getting destroyed or if the fox is being moved. Sometimes in their sleep, they can also pick or drop some items. The foxes having a level of trust can often fall asleep faster if a leash is attached to them.

Staying Alive

If the fox is not able to find a suitable place to fall asleep, then it often just sits during the day time. When the leash isn’t attached, then it sits only for a short time and jumps back up. They also sit when on a rope or a boat.

Hold various items

If anything is nearby the fox, it tends to go near that item and picks it up with its mouth. Now, the piece is shown to be in the fox’s mouth. A fox can, however, pick up all the details that a player can, but they pick up mostly the food items. If the things they have picked up is a non-food one, then they drop those and pick the food items if it’s nearby. If the food item has any kind of side effects, then it affects the fox, such as poison.

Nighttime behavior

Foxes often go to nearby villages at night. They sometimes try to attack the village livestock, such as chickens. Some screeching noises are heard when it happens.

Breeding time

By the use of sweet berries, two adult Foxes can be bred to produce a baby fox that trusts its owner and doesn’t run away from him while it grows up. However, they can still follow the adult Foxes and flee from the owner. In a situation like this, a leash is always useful to keep the fox tied up to prevent it from escaping away till it reaches maturity.

Enemy encounters

Wolves in Java and bedrock edition are known to be quite aggressive towards foxes. There are also some polar bears inside java edition, which sometimes sneak on foxes and attack them. In bedrock edition, baby polar bears are too aggressive to foxes, although they usually are passive.

History of introduction of foxes inside Minecraft

They were revealed in Minecraft earth 2018 as a possible added feature. People were encouraged to cast a vote for one of the three biomes in Minecraft during the Livestream, which could be chosen for additional feature updates. The developers explained the introduction of foxes in an animated video as the Taiga biome feature.

How hostile are they?

They are a passive mob in the game. The term ‘mob’ in-game refers to the things which are mobile and moving, for example, wolves, creepers, chickens, etc. They will not attack any players due to their passive features.

How many health points do they have?

In Minecraft, one heart is equal to 2 health points; therefore, a fox has 20 health points as it has ten cores. You need to deal 20 damage to kill a fox.

Way to attack foxes

You need to approach it very slowly and hide when necessary, as this will ensure that the fox won’t escape. Although they won’t attack or cause any damage, so it’s quite safe if you walk near it. While you attack the foxes, they will only try to evade the area.

ways to attack fox

Some points to be considered before starting it

  • Foxes are the first-ever passive animals that are updated to be nocturnal in the game of my craft.
  • Foxes are the only mobs that are not affected by sweet berry bushes.
  • If viewed from the front side, they will look like wall-eyed but normal when viewed sideways.
  • They will deal more damage if they have a weapon in their mouths.
  • Foxes cannot consume any food items when they are holding any weapon.
  • White Foxes are harder to find than the red ones.
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That is all which you should know about how to tame a fox in minecraft. You might be familiar with this feature if you are playing java edition. However, if you play the bedrock edition of this game, then this is something that you need to find out.


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