Editorial Policy

At TheCryptoUpdates, we aim to retain high journalistic principles to contribute excellent and quality articles and news to our readers. When you start writing for us, you consent to these terms and comprehend that in the event if you don’t follow them, your article could be rejected by us. You will enter into a contract that will appeal your written consent to this policy.


We anticipate that all articles have to be 100% genuine. They should pass Copyscape and other plagiarism checks. The author should only send ‘never-published-before’ articles for ratification by our editors. It is important that you focus on writing content that offers utility to our readers. Articles found plagiarised or spun from any publication will be rejected.

Claims and data

All claims and data in regards to cryptocurrency ought to be appropriately inspected before incorporating into the article. The clients will engage no false claims or biased information. We assure that whatever information is getting published on our website is already accessible in open web and has been confirmed by appropriate sources. The writers must connect the facts/statistics/claims to a related website where it was published already.

Always look to provide experimental proof of the claims. You can incorporate images, diagrams, and screen captures for demonstration. If there is no back up to your request by an expert, or a verified website, you better abstain using it in your article.


Every article, you compose ought to contain a value for our readers. Your article ought to have an unequivocal target which must be taken to provide value. We intend to give articles that can display the most recent news to our readers and help them understand the subtleties of different cryptocurrencies. Every one of the articles has to be impartial and there ought to be no promotion of any currency, market or company whatsoever.

Promotions and marketing

No article ought to contain any claims or information about a crypto/ organisation/individual for showcasing or promotional purposes. The heading, subheadings and the written content in your articles have to be straightforward and unbiased. You should not create an article that could promote a company/currency/individual. We unequivocally debilitate the promotional/marketing content on our website.


A writer has to be very careful and aware that our readers are not only the mass but individuals who are genuinely interested in cryptocurrency. Your articles shall focus on relevant information for readers who are familiar with the cryptocurrency sphere. We aim to provide the latest information and crypto news around the globe. Accordingly, understand the interest of our readers before penning an article for them.

Acceptance of the article

The acceptance of the article is exclusively subject to the publication board. Our editors can acknowledge or dismiss without a clarification. At the point when an article is accepted, we will intimidate you our decision. Board has an authority to take any decision accordingly, and that will be final and implies to every writer.

News writing

While composing news for us, ensure that you are checking it with every valid source. Although we have smaller timelines for publication of news on our platform, we think that its necessary to centre around the genuineness of every news post before publication. Ensure that experimental confirmation is accessible for every one of the news articles and information displayed in the post.

We anticipate that you will take after this publication approach for making astounding content for our readers.