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ICO Review | URIS – Cryptofunding for Entrepreneurs

ICO Review | URIS - Cryptofunding for Entrepreneurs

Concept behind URIS

URIS, the blockchain technology-based platform for startups and VC funds that will revolutionize how new ventures raise capital in a truly global, transparent and efficient way. It is a transparent and efficient innovation which will foster an open, cooperative, sustainable, and prosperous future for a rising quality of startups in every industry worldwide.

Their goal is to create a fully decentralized venture ecosystem to drive economic growth in emerging markets, where startups can gain cheaper access to funding, and investors can find new alternatives to support new ventures and earn above-average returns

URIS intends to give young companies easier access to funds, tools, and the guidance needed to turn their ventures into world-class enterprises and promote dynamic and transparent innovations to aid emerging entrepreneurs can raise capital and expand their business for lower costs. The system rewards startups for implementing policies that are both fair to investors and good for the public. This mechanism will give incentives for both investors and startups.

1 There is an implementation of blockchain at the heart of the project URIS and its first automated startup investor.
2 URIS platform implements BUYBACK program which guarantees the buyback of the coin and this feature is not implemented by any other existing platforms. This will enable investors to liquidate their assets.
3 The project URIS has a well-defined roadmap which shall enable it to achieve its goals.
4 Only Blockchain based enterprise which focuses on lending support to other startups. This makes it a unique venture.
5 Uris has very well defined the token and fund allocation for the project. It shows that they have well planned for the successful implementation of the project.
6 Uris continuously looks to improve its functionality based on user experience.
7 URIS has MVP available for the users and is duly audited.
8 Team URIS have co-founders that have expertise in various aspects of blockchain functioning.
9 URIS claims for a HARD Cap of USD40 K which is achievable.
10 The onboard advisors have relevant work experience and they must contribute to the overall success of the project.
11 URIS token has multiple utilities which no other token has ever had.
1 The social media followers for the project is a concerning factor. The team can work with creative posts over various platforms to attract potential customers and hence can create a large consumer base.
2 Project URIS still lacks any review on YOUTUBE through Crypto/Blockchain believer.
3 Currently there no BOUNTY program for URIS. Although they have the proposition for the same in token allocation.

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