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Warframe – How To Get Platinum

Warframe How To Get Platinum

Warframe is an incredible role-playing game that is popular worldwide due to its platform flexibility. It’s challenging to learn but fun to master the game, which is the leading player versus everything and has a variety of playstyles within. It has an incredibly active community, that is helpful and non-toxic. There are the terrible apples now and then, however. The game is entirely free to play, available on Steam’s website. You don’t need to spend a penny to get everything in the game. You can play this game on your PC, Xbox, or PS4. This game has three sequels like Warframe, the second dream, Warframe the war within, and Warframe the sacrifice. In this article, you will get to know warframe how to get platinum

How To Get Platinum
 Wareframe : How To Get Platinum

Story Behind Warframes

This is about space ninjas. It has a simple concept, but behind loot or shooting, it’s a sci-fi tale of betrayal clem and rebellion. A long-time after in some parallel galaxy where has some origin system, the constellation of stars and planets unlike our own, this is ruled by Orokin, which means the children of light. They increased their lifespan, and sometimes they even cheat their death. They have advanced technologies. (knowing the story behind warframes helps and guide about warframe how to get platinum)

This Orokin empire was a shining star in the cosmos with a highly advanced race that created a seemingly perfect society. Still, like all such ideal societies, the Orokin empire was littered with crazy rules and morally suspected behavior like happened in Atlantis, krypton, and the movie Truman show, which isn’t a good ending for anyone at all. They punish whoever tries to disobey them. Under their rule makes their solar system in a very disgraceful condition. Their resources dwindled. They felt that it is quite impossible for them to clean up their solar system, so they made a plan to find a new planet and start ruling over it.

The Orokin created ships capable of making a technology that can travel vast distances along with bending the space-time. The reached the void, a hell space, and about to be involved in their first encounter with some mysteries. The Zartman Ten-Zero. An Orokin Ship capable of making the fold lost traveling between Saturn and the outer gates. It was assumed that the ship was lost forever, but the boat was found later in completely undamaging. Security officers went inside the ship and unable to locate anyone, but the ship was not empty.

A security officer broke his protocol and contacted one of the kids, who was injured with burns. They discovered those children were called by freaks by the Orokin as Orokin favored perfection than any other thing. So they called the children devils and decided to be executed, but Margulis, a scientist, resisted. She developed a motherly connection with the children. Ballas, an Orokin Executor, tries to convince her to kill the children, but she refuses. Margulis was then executed, but the children survived.

Warframe Gaming Story

In the Warframe game, you will find a character Lotus, a guide who will always try to save Tenno characters, which you will be playing as. She betrays her people for protecting Tenno, an ancient warrior of gun and blade who has been awoken from a cryosleep to help protect the solar system from the various enemies threatening it. Her father is Hunhow, a renowned scientist who comes with a stalker who wants to destroy you. Hunhow somehow will come to know to eliminate the Tenno and the Warframes. Because when they can, they will be full control of the system.

You will feel vulnerable and several threats against you. It will appear to you that you are about to be defeated. The more you go deep into the game, the more you sink into troubles. At a point when you won’t find any option but to consider defeated, Lotus will reveal the secret for gaining your power. Your power is on the moon, which she had hidden from you. When you find the moon, instead of finding any weapon, you will find a pod inside which you will get a child, and the Warframe will break, and you will know that the child is you.

Now you will play as an operator, the child, you. The Warframe will be controlled by you. Now you are having a real body so you can get destroyed even more now. Lotus is not with you now, so you are in huge trouble. The Tenno are the children who were found into the Zariman Ten-Zero ship, which was discussed before. These children possess unimaginable energies. Margulis taught the children to dream, and based on that, the children can control the Warframes now. Morgulis was executed by Orokin, and Tenno was hibernating for a long time. Soon Tenno awoke and bound by Lotus, and the game had started. You all are the children from Orokin who finally get to understand their mission, and their vision is now clear, which was unclear before.

How to Get Platinum in Warframe

In Warframe, (warframe how to get platinum) you can get every item without spending a single penny. But for that, you have to earn the currency of the game, which is Platinum. To earn Platinum is not that easy. Here are some ways to make Platinum in Warframe~

By Selling Prime Parts:
How to Get Platinum in Warframe

By Selling Prime Parts:

This is the way, and you will get Platinum just all you have to sell the original parts. But the total price of the whole parts is approximately around 50, which is quite less amount as this game has a considerable number of players, so some players are selling the elements at the same time as you. And getting rare aspects has become a piece of cake now.

Warframe : By Selling Prime Parts

From the Syndicates:

Earning Platinum through syndicates are very trustworthy. Each company will let you buy some wareframes, searching modes, and some special weapons. Now instead of purchasing syndicate weapons by using syndicate points, get Platinum. You can sell each searching mode for around fifteen platinum. When you are maxed out by syndicated, then do not buy weapons rather bye some mods, which will help you gaining more Platinum.

Warframe : From the Syndicates

From Aura Mods:

These mods you will earn at some special missions. Some of the aura modes are Energy Siphon, Corrosive Projection, etc. You can get around fifteen platinum per mods. There will be players who will need these in less Platinum do not sell it in less.

Warframe : How to get platinum
Warframe : From Aura Mods

By Selling Corrupted Mods:

Warframe players are always looking for corrupted mods like Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, etc. You will require some work to gain these such as going to the derelict, gathering some keys and you’ll need four players. Then you will get corrupted mods, which are very rare. For trading each of these modes, you will get approximately 15 platinum.

Warframe : How to get platinum
Warframe : By Selling Corrupted Mods

Nightmare Mods:

You will achieve these mods by winning every nightmare missions. But for gaining the tasks, you will have to complete every purpose on the planet. Learning these mods are not that difficult.

Warframe : How to get platinum
Warframe: Nightmare Mods

Selling Dual Stat Elemental Mods:

You can earn Platinum by selling dual stat elemental mods, so you have to get all of these. For gaining these, you have to perform some spy missions with various difficulties. These mods are very rare, so don’t sell it less than ten platinum.

Warframe : How to get platinum
Warframe:Selling Dual Stat Elemental Mods


By Selling Riven Mods:

You can achieve an enormous amount of Platinum by selling riven mods. There are some ways to sell riven mods.

Warframe : How to get platinum
Warframe: By Selling Riven Mods


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  • You can sell these mods before unveiling it by you. After gaining the mods from forays, you can sell riven mods to any players who seek. There are several of these mods, and prices are different as well. You will get some platinum for sure, but you will not get very little Platinum in proportion to other processes.
  • You can unveil the riven mods and make sure those are handy weapons. But if after revealing your riven mods, once it becomes a weapon of no use, then you will not get any platinum for that, so there is some uncertainty on this. Still, useful weapons will always give you way more than you get Platinum from selling unveiled riven mods.
  • Selling by God Riven Weapons: Buy unrolled riven mods from other players and make those godlike and then try to sell it. You will earn a lot of Platinum for those weapons each. But you have to work very hard for it until these become great weapons. So it takes a lot of time.

By Selling Ayatan Sculptures:

You can earn some amount of Platinum by selling ayatan sculptures. It will help to power up your mods, so instead of selling it for getting Platinum, using it for powering up your mods is recommended.

Warframe is an outstanding and very addictive game to play where once you start playing, you will be hooked till the end of the game. Above all, this game is entirely free. And every critical thing is covered in the article, such as the story behind Warframe, the game story, and how to earn Platinum for free. So what’s stopping you? Start playing Warframe now.











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