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Crypto would lead to a definite financial inclusion


Crypto would lead to a definite financial inclusion

The CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong, recently said that he is going to build a completely
open system of finance. The cryptocurrency is going through in-depth scrutiny even after
significant advancement in the industry. The cryptocurrency industry leaders and the chief
cryptocurrency enthusiasts are well aware as to how vital cryptocurrency is to the world.
In the meantime, Brian Armstrong has also put forward the roadmap of the company at an
open house. According to Armstrong, his firm is going to continue its role in leading the
process of cryptocurrency development. Coinbase is also going to become a leader of the
groundbreaking blockchain technology. As of now, Armstrong is trying to get around 100
million people to adopt and use cryptocurrency.

What is Coinbase’s endgame?

Coinbase is going to continue to invest in the distinctive cryptocurrency startup industries.
Moreover, this is going to be possible by the firm’s robust incubator program, Coinbase
Ventures. Coinbase is also going to unveil a suite of different products which would lower
the entry and bar of the cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the firm would also expand
different ways by which people can easily earn cryptocurrencies.
Coinbase feels that the firm has the capability of changing the law altogether. According to
Coinbase, it would bend the curve, and on the other hand, turn the economic freedom around
the world. Cryptocurrency will be able to see the light of the day which the program, namely,
Coinbase Ventures.
With Coinbase Ventures, Coinbase can easily create a world filled with economic freedom
for everyone. In the long run, the cryptocurrency businesses and the non-cryptocurrency
businesses around the world can benefit from the forthcoming financial freedom in the next
decade. Coinbase also acknowledges that the firm cannot bring forward the necessary
economic liberty to hundreds of companies around the world.

How many companies will help Coinbase to grow?

According to sources, Coinbase already found 50 to 60 startup companies that can invest in
the program. Brian also said that there are several current investment strategies, such as the

initial exchange offerings and security tokens that will take an active part in the program. The
new and fresh investment strategies would help the industry to grow exponentially.
By the looks of it, the upstarts concerning the industry will begin very soon. More and more
companies and individuals can avail the benefits as they are native to cryptocurrency and its
vast industry. Armstrong didn’t back out to the point that the firm Coinbase has become a
massive deal in the world as of now.
According to Armstrong, Coinbase in the massive custodian in the world as of now. The only
thing that Coinbase puts its focus on compliance. Coinbase also believes in having perfect
relationships alongside the conventional financial institution of the world.
As of now, Coinbase is putting its focus forward on cybersecurity and finance. The company
firmly believes the cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world are putting their trust in
Coinbase. Furthermore, Armstrong is going to leverage the image of his brand, considering
safety and convenience. In the future, billions of people would put their trust in Coinbase.

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