BLOCX Founder Rainar Razumovski Discusses Simplifying Crypto Management and Future Plans

BLOCX Founder Rainar Razumovski Discusses Simplifying Crypto Management and Future Plans

Imagine juggling multiple software tools just to manage your crypto assets – from using TeamViewer and crypto wallets to GPU Afterburner and virus protection. But what if there was a platform that could eliminate all these different tools and provide an all-in-one solution? That’s exactly what Rainar has built. 

Today we have a special guest with us, Rainar Razumovski, who is building BLOCX, an all-in-one tool that combines a system optimizer, password vault, AI assistant, and crypto wallet into a single platform. 

Rainar’s journey is inspiring. He turned his own challenges into a solution that benefits the entire crypto community. Let’s dive into his story and discover what makes BLOCX unique and how it continues to evolve.


Hello Rainar, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. We’re excited to dive into the story of BLOCX and explore the unique solutions it offers. 

  1. Can you share the inspiration behind the creation of BLOCX and what problems you aim to solve?

    Rainar: The main reason for this initiative came from my own user experience. While mining cryptocurrency, I had to use various pieces of software such as TeamViewer, crypto wallets, GPU Afterburner, and virus protection. This meant I had to use multiple software solutions to accomplish one task.

This challenge sparked the main idea and development of our suite. Our team began developing the first version in 2022, with full-scale development starting at the beginning of 2023.

Overall, our aim is to provide one comprehensive software solution for users’ everyday computing needs or even their crypto experiences, as we truly encompass it all.

2. What is the vision of BLOCX, and how do you see it evolving in the next few years?

Rainar: BLOCXES has always aimed to provide an all-in-one suite, and this is exactly what we are doing. Since the start, we have grown significantly and now offer more than one piece of software. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your digital needs, whether it’s computer management, marketplace solutions, Btxt, or mobile management suites. We have it all, and this is just the beginning of what we plan to bring in the upcoming years

3. Can you explain how the AI Assistant within BLOCX enhances user experience and security?

Rainar: AI assistant has really good tools for that.

The Website Scanner allows you to place a URL in it, and it will automatically scan any website, detecting if there might be any malicious code or links.

Then there is a scam identifier. This tool works with AI and will initially be available for email, Discord, and Telegram usernames and groups. You can simply scan any of these, and our system will tell you if the account has been reported for any kind of inappropriate activity.

Additionally, there is the Contract Scanner, which you can use to scan around 40 different blockchain contracts, giving you assurance before making any decisions.

Overall, you can say it is a crucial part of our BLOCX Desktop and definitely brings value to our users.

4. What measures does BLOCX take to ensure the malware protection feature stays updated against new threats?

Rainar: Our current product is an MVP, and the virus scanning and detection are library-based. We can say that it already has a very good detection rate, picking up some things that other top malware scanners don’t. As you mentioned, malware threats are constantly evolving, and new viruses with new DNAs are emerging daily.

Once we have completed and delivered our MVP within this year, BLOCX will start implementing additional layers of detection, such as code sniffing and AI layers. These enhancements will allow us to detect potentially malicious code that has been modified. With these two layers in place, we can proudly say that we stand with the best of the best.

5. How does the Non-Custodial Wallet in BLOCX ensure the security of users’ cryptocurrencies?

Rainar: Everything relies on our non-custodial wallet. As we offer decentralized services without any data collection, our wallet serves as the user’s login. To use our tools or software, you must create a wallet and log in with it; everything is connected to your wallet. Regarding security and privacy, it is a decentralized wallet, so only the person who has the keys has access to it, and once again, there is no data collection.

6. B.TXT is marketed as a 100% decentralized messenger. Can you elaborate on the technology behind this and how it ensures user privacy and security?

Rainar: BTXT is more than end-to-end encrypted, it is truly decentralized, meaning your data is yours only, with no central authority.

II works so, user signs into BTXT and chooses one masternode as their server. When the user connects to another user, the masternode acts as a connection establisher by exchanging both users’ encrypted IPs with each other. After that, the masternode vanishes, and communication is truly person-to-person. This ensures 100% decentralization, something not everyone can claim.

It is first of its kind as there is no actual central authority and connection is established by masternodes.

7. How does the integration of Masternodes contribute to the functionality and security of B.TXT and the BLOCX platform as a whole?

Rainar: Masternodes act as connection establishers in BTXT, making them a crucial part of the BTXT network. Essentially, they facilitate the exchange of encrypted IPs between users and then remove themselves from the middle. After this process, users communicate directly with each other, with data saved exclusively on their devices.
8. The BLOCX Marketplace allows users to leverage computing power or storage. How does this benefit both providers and users in practical terms?

Rainar: Person who wants to rent out their computer can simply log in to our marketplace with their wallet. After that, they click on “Add Machine,” download our client, which auto-detects the hardware, and then pick their hourly rate and availability time. It’s that easy—simple and seamless.

Now, someone can rent this machine and use it for various tasks like rendering, machine learning, or custom Docker images. Once the person renting the machine stops their session, the user who rented their computer out will be rewarded based on the hours or time used.

Rewards will be paid out in BLOCX.

9. Can you share more details about the types of services and products users can expect to find and offer in the BLOCX Marketplace?

Rainar: Users can utilize our marketplace for various solutions such as 3D modeling, rendering, machine learning or training, custom Docker images, and even access to regular computer power. It truly offers everything one might need for work or hobbies when they don’t have sufficient computing power at hand.

10. How does BLOCX ensure a seamless user experience across different operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux?

Rainar: We have ensured that our products are available on every operating system, starting with Linux and Windows. Later on, we will also support macOS. The user experience is consistent across all platforms, ensuring a seamless and easy-to-use interface.

11. What are the key benefits of the mobile wallet, and how does it integrate with the overall BLOCX ecosystem?

Rainar: The benefits of a mobile wallet are quite simple: you can carry your BLOCX with you wherever you go. Additionally, within the mobile wallet, you can swap currencies using cross-chain swaps and even manage your masternodes. This makes it incredibly convenient and easy to use for everyone.

12. What upcoming features or services can users look forward to in the next updates of BLOCX?

Rainar: The most immediate event in the coming future is our marketplace release, together with our mining algorithm change, which will happen around July 20th.

Following that, we have more exciting developments lined up, such as the new version release of BLOCX Desktop, which will include a VPN for five different locations—all for free for our early BLOCXers. Additionally, we are releasing a new AI assistant feature called Quick Contract Scanner.

After that, you can expect B.TXT, our messaging platform, to be available for mobile devices! All in all, there’s a lot happening as we have four teams constantly working on different pieces of software.

13. How do you plan to expand BLOCX’s reach and adoption in the global market?

Rainar: Our approach to development focuses on organically building our user base, which is our main niche. Once we deliver our full suite, we will introduce it to the public. The best part is that by this time, we already have an established user and community base, along with real user reviews.

We offer a wide range of products, all developed by us.

14. As a founder, what has been the most challenging aspect of building BLOCX, and how did you overcome it?
Rainar: To be completely honest, there hasn’t been anything too challenging because we have a great and experienced team. The only thing that took a bit longer was remote access due to the complexity of connections and duplicate calls. Other than that, everything has been going according to plan.

15. How can our readers and the wider crypto community get involved with BLOCX or stay updated with its latest developments?
Rainar: Definitely, my suggestion would be to follow us closely either on our website or Twitter, @BLOCX_TECH. We constantly post updates on our social media, so the best way to get involved and find out more is to follow us and keep your eye out.

Thank you, Rainar, for sharing your journey and insights about BLOCX. We are excited to see the future developments and features that BLOCX will bring. 

Stay tuned for more updates from BLOCX as it continues to innovate and simplify the complex crypto world. 

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