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Users Are Not So Happy With Opensea’s Updated Design

OpenSea, the NFT marketplace, changed its design to streamline the user experience and focus more on user content this week.

Although it appears that the crypto community remains skeptical of the newly proposed user experience, despite the fact that the world’s largest NFT store claims that these modifications are only the beginning.

As stated in an official statement, OpenSea revamped its Profile and My Collections sections to make them easier to use.

With the new design, the platform anticipates that more focus will be placed on community content. According to OpenSea, changes to the technical stack will result in a faster and more responsive user interface as part of the modifications.

Likewise, the Collections page has been revised to make browsing and presenting content from preferred producers easier. Users can access additional NFTs created by developers directly from their library, according to OpenSea.

The NFT marketplace reports that further design and user interface updates will be released in the next few weeks.

The crypto community has reacted differently to the newest OpenSea upgrades. Others complained that OpenSea made changes for the sake of making changes rather than improving something that was really important, such as platform stability and speed.

Since its lightning-fast expansion fueled by global NFT fever, OpenSea has been plagued by transaction delays and stability concerns. Consumer complaints about slow transactions and missing NFTs plagued the popular NFT marketplace last year. Transaction volume grew 600-fold.


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