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Deploy OP Rollups Effortlessly with Zeeve’s New Launchpad for OP Stack

Zeeve, the leading Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform and an official implementation collaborator for Optimism’s Superchain, has launched ‘OP Stack Launchpad,’ a platform that enables developers to launch an Optimistic Rollup DevNet in just a few clicks. With this, startups can rapidly initiate their Rollup journey by quickly setting up a Rollup chain, experimenting with various configurations, and preparing for testNet and public launches.

The Optimistic Rollup devNet comes with all the core components like Block Explorer, Native Bridge UI, Sequencer, Ethereum as the default settlement layer and Zeeve RaaS dashboard. Zeeve also offers various 3rd party integrations on-demand like Avail or Eigen DA for Data Availability, Pyth or Redstone for Oracles, Axelar or Hyperlane for interoperability, Biconomy or Pimlico for AA, etc.

Below is the complete list of features for the Zeeve’s OP Stack-based Rollup Launchpad:

  • Accounts & Smart contracts—Allow pre-mined accounts, manage the balance for your core wallets, and see the core smart contracts deployed on Local Geth (L1) and OP Stack (L2) chains.
  • Cross-chain bridging – A dedicated bridge for your OP Stack devNet to perform transactions from UI. (L1 → L2 deposit transaction, L2 → L1 Withdrawl transaction)
  • Block Explorer support—With TraceHawk Block Explorer for your OP Stack devnet network, you can view blocks, transactions, tokens, and logs for nodes, batchers, proposers, etc.
  • Network & node dashboards – View your node’s detailed configurations, L1/L2 block height, RPC endpoint, rollup config file, node health status, alerts, and more
  • RaaS Dashboard —View the system and blockchain metrics dashboards, view the logs of the core components, and receive alerts about the setup of your sandbox, with an option to filter them.
  • On-demand Integrations: Get all the middleware and 40+ business-critical 3rd party integrations for your optimistic Rollup. Get Bridge, RPC, Block Explorer (default & custom), decentralized storage, Oracles, MPC Wallets, on/off ramp solutions, developer tools, and more.
  • Professional support – From onboarding to 24×7 monitoring and technical support, Zeeve’s team of experienced Blockchain and DevOps professionals is your extended team.

“Start on your Rollup journey with the assurance that rapid testing and configuration flexibility are at your fingertips,” says Dr. Ravi Chamria, Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. “Our RaaS Launchpad, infused with the power of OP Stack, is crafted to streamline your development journey, offering an intuitive playground to explore diverse chain configurations, seamlessly integrate various services, deploy smart contracts with ease, and bring dApps to life effortlessly. Partner with Zeeve for your Rollup journey and turn the potential into the extraordinary.”

Optimism Bedrock represents the newest evolution of the OP Stack, delivering essential resources for deploying a top-tier Optimistic Rollup blockchain. Designed to facilitate the Optimism Superchain—a visionary network of Layer2 Rollups unified by shared security, communication frameworks, and a standardized development stack (OP Stack)—Bedrock enables developers to create L2 Rollups easily. These Rollup chains will seamlessly integrate with the Superchain upon its debut, ensuring compatibility and extending the blockchain’s capabilities.

Zeeve’s robust RaaS support transforms the journey from concept to deployment into a seamless experience with our user-friendly click-and-go Rollup Launchpad. Enhanced by Zeeve’s enterprise-grade infrastructure and backed by our Enterprise SLA, hundreds of native web3 startups and enterprises choose Zeeve as their trusted partner for launching their custom Rollup chains.

More information on Zeeve-managed OP stack-based Rollup can be found here.

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Name: Paras Singh

Company Name: Zeeve

Email: [email protected]

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