SWYCH DEX Successfully Launches DeFi Project Uniqo

Titano has presented its SWYCH DEX as the first active cryptocurrency DEX, providing custom features and services that assist projects in reaching their goals. With its listing service, the lowest fees in the industry, the option of burning all native tokens, launchpad, incubator, and a range of services, including marketing and project development, SWYCH becomes a unique and powerful partner for crypto projects. The benefits and power of SWYCH were on full display with the success of its first incubation and launchpad project, Uniqo. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Uniqo? Uniqo is a new DeFi project that created the Rebound Token protocol. Uniqo developed in reaction to the successes of protocols like Titano’s Autostaking Protocol. Uniqo has sought to innovate Titano and other projects taking their best attributes and avoiding the elements that cause challenges over time. The goal is a project that thrives in any market scenario and during any macroeconomic trend. The Uniqo token auto-compounds at 1% daily and utilizes a Daily Take Profit or DTP which is a ratio of Uniqo tokens that investors can sell daily, based on the health of the liquidity pool. Uniqo can manage liquidity pool health and inflation through its rebound function, which burns tokens as needed during times of high inflation. They utilize the buy and sell tax as follows: 50% to auto-liquidity multisig, 30% to the treasury, and 20% to the burn address, creating deflation at every entry and exit within the protocol. The project is also developing several use cases to bolster revenue and burn opportunities.

The Uniqo team applied to and was accepted on SWYCH Launchpad. After careful vetting, the Titano team was so impressed by the project they decided to form a partnership and incubation relationship to support Uniqo before, during, and after the launch. The teams collaborated in marketing, development, and community management. Additionally, Titano opted to help boost initial liquidity in Uniqo by providing one million in $BUSD for their LP to ensure sufficient liquidity during the launch. For security, those funds are being held in a 3/4 person multi-sig wallet with the Titano team holding two of the signatures. This combination removed any need for a pre-sale, and there was no initial team token allocation. All of this would allow for a fair launch at listing.

Uniqo launched flawlessly on November 18, 2022. The project gained 1400+ holders, $4.3 million in liquidity, $4.4 million Market Capitalization and 340% price appreciation within the first few hours. The price and token holder count continue to grow. Additionally, daily volume on SWYCH spiked to over $1.3 million dollars, generating revenue for SWYCH and Titano, and facilitating token circulation back to Uniqo through their tax system.

The successful launch of Uniqo demonstrates that SWYCH with its features and tools is valuable for any protocol launch. Its full range of project services and its custom approach to a project’s needs is a winning formula for new or existing projects. This is the first major launch through SWYCH Launchpad with many more to come in the future.

If you have a project in development and are looking to launch soon, please apply to SWYCH Launchpad and contact the team. You can also check out the whitepaper for more information about how the launchpad works.

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