TMN Global Builds A Bridge Between the Old World And The New World of Investments.

Traditionally, people have invested in tangible assets like gold and silver to protect their wealth against inflation. Others have invested in life insurance, stocks, bonds, or other cash equivalents that can be quickly turned into cash. These methods have helped many people to fight against inflation and prepare for retirement.

This being stated, these traditional ways of investing are not the only ways of protecting a person’s cash against inflation. There have been new developments regarding technology, green energy, and digital currencies that are now making it possible for investors to diversify their portfolios even further.

The partner to EREA World AG (managing firm over TMN Global), EMH AG, is one of the leading tangible assets traders and distributors in Europe. EMH AG specializes in various forms of strategic assets that are not so commonly known by investors but are widely used & demanded in the industry and modern technology.

EMH AG is one of the only companies in the world that makes it possible for the everyday person to purchase technology metals and rare earth metals. Normally, only large companies have access to these metals to develop cars, phones, laptops, wind turbines, solar panels, and more. With EMH AG, an average investor has the opportunity to purchase these mega commodities at an affordable price point where otherwise they would not have the access or the opportunity.

EMH AG caters to both large and small investors alike and has a system in place that has been working since 2012, and the founders have been using this system in the precious metals scene for decades. The process is that someone can purchase metals from EMH AG in monthly installments over time or a one-time lump sum purchase. From there, the customer’s physical metals are stored in a high-security bonded warehouse in either Lichtenstein, Germany, or Switzerland. The customer purchases VAT free and is the owner and holder of the physically stored metals. After 1 year holding period he can sell them tax free. The customer also has the opportunity to visit the warehouses up to 4 times per year to see his or her metals in person.

In the table below you will find an overview of the development of the different metals and strategic assets so far in 2022 compared to other investment opportunities:

As you can see above, the strategic metals are performing extremely well compared to other traditional investment options. With this information, there is a huge opportunity to take these strategic assets a step further into the future. In 2021, EMH AG partnered with a new blockchain firm in Switzerland called EREA World AG to develop a new cryptocurrency unlike any other. EREA World AG now manages the TMN Global platform and offers the TMNG cryptocurrency.

EREA World AG is a regulated blockchain firm by VQF and the first to offer the opportunity to purchase technology metals and rare earth metals using its own cryptocurrency as payment. TMNG is an ERC-20 payment token that provides access to purchasing the strategic assets via the blockchain. The access point is through the TMN Global Online Shop which is being developed and built in 2022. Through the TMN Global platform, users can access this shop to purchase precious metals, rare earth metals and technology metals. The only payment accepted in this online shop will be the TMNG cryptocurrency, thus giving the crypto its first utility and use case. Since there is no traditional distribution commission, the investor purchases the metals up to 15% cheaper with TMNG and thus has the opportunity to receive significantly more metals.

TMN Global is differentiated from other cryptocurrencies on the market today because it is not simply a crypto start-up, but it is backed by industry giants and their experience in the strategic assets industry. TMNG is the opportunity to make the strategic assets offered by EMH AG accessible to investors with less capital. The opportunity of using crypto as a payment system for tech metals and rare earth metals opens the door for a younger generation to fight inflation using a system that they are more familiar with. This also allows for global participation into mega-trend commodities that many do not have access to due to the restrictions from the fiat currency in their country or other factors. TMN Global knows that crypto is the future of finance and traditional investing, and TMNG is paving the way in the area of strategic assets.

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