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Innovative DeFi Platform MappedSwap Introduces Back to Back Two Campaigns. Free MST and USDM for Participants

MappedSwap, the decentralized DeFi platform that offers highly liquid cross-margin trading, is launching not one, but two promotional campaigns. Users can take advantage of the free MST and USDM tokens and earn rebates and high yields. Starting on the 13th of April, MappedSwap campaigns will run for a whole month, ending on the 12th of May.

MST Giveaway

The first campaign consists of two different tasks and requires participants to be active on social media platforms.

Task 1

  • Register on MappedSwap.
  • Follow and like their pinned Tweet from the platform. Retweet it and tag at least three friends.

Task 2

  • Watch the promotional video by MappedSwap
  • Find the secret code hidden within the video
  • Enter your details and the code in the campaign dedicated MappedSwap page.

With 600,000 MST being given away, each participant who successfully completes the two tasks will be awarded 12 MST after verification by the developers. The winnings will be deposited into their referral page on MappedSwap.. While regular tiered rebate levels offer no additional advantage, the campaign offer users to stake their MST immediately for a 5% yield.

Share, Trade and Win

The second campaign has three tasks, each offering a higher level of winnings. This time, it is all about onboarding and trading.

Task 1

  • Get your own referral code from the referral page and share.
  • The first 10,000 users to share the referral codes receive 5 USDM each after 24hrs of verification.

Task 2

  • Trade an overall $1,000 worth of assets.
  • The First 4,000 users to do so receive 50 MST.

Task 3

  • Trade and generate profits of $10,000.
  • Maintain it for a minimum of 2 weeks (from 13th to 28 of April).
  • 1,000 winners of the third task receive 500 MST.

Users who maintain a weekly trading volume of at least $100,000 will receive a separate 15% yield on USDM aside from a 15% yield on staking their MST that is available from completing tasks from campaign two.

Users will also have a special reward that they can try their hands at. The top 20 traders who generate the most profit will be winning a combined 200,000 MST, distributed amongst them all.

Robust and Efficient

MappedSwap is a cross-chain margin trading platform that has been built upon the Ethereum second layer Eurus Blockchain. Open-source with cross-chain functionalities, the Eurus is a highly efficient and secure ecosystem that is based on Hyperledger technology. As such, MappedSwap is able to leverage its properties and offers market-leading features and functions.

  • Highly Liquid Market: With more than $6 million in liquidity pools, MappedSwap offers the most liquid trading market possible.
  • Speedy Confirmations: With transactions executed and settled in 2 seconds, MappedSwap gives users the edge to capture real-time market fluctuations and generate profits.
  • Safe and Secure: Custom built smart contracts that securely allow trading. Traders get the military-grade security blockchain is famous for.
  • Non Custodial: Since MappedSwap is decentralized, it never holds users’ assets. Users connect their wallets, trade and receive their newly bought assets directly in the wallets.
  • High Leverage: With up to 10x, users can exploit speculations to increase their profitability.
  • Low Slippage: While DeFi platforms can have delays in executing swaps, MappedSwap keeps the speed high and achieves an astounding low slippage of 0.01%.

Fast, efficient and secure, MappedSwap enables high-frequency on-chain trading while at the same time providing low fees and slippage. Combined with an easy to use interface, the platform drastically reduces the barrier to efficient trading, allowing people from all walks of life to start generating profits.

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