Blockchain Ads – The Future of Web3 advertising

Advertising is a combination of science and art. Quality advertising, in terms of economics, aids in the closure of the knowledge gap between provider and the consumer, with the goal of fostering trust and motivating action. 


Companies throughout the digital ecosystem have been working toward the objective of serving relevant, meaningful advertisements to the right customer at the right time for years. Since the magazine advertorial and TV infomercials, ad tech has been chipping away at this issue, with more recent examples including AdWords, native advertisements, and Amazon and Netflix recommendation systems. 

Changing the way of interacting with Ads on the Web

BlockchainAds, a decentralized advertising protocol is developing a revolutionary way of decentralizing the advertising industry, where there will be no central authority, and distributed ownership. The protocol will let users earn, monetize, and advertise with BlockchainAds protocol. 

How does it work

The BlockchainAds protocol provides a decentralized environment, enabling Direct – real-time collaboration between the advertisers, publishers and users. 


By removing the series of Intermediaries and the Central authority – Advertisers can advertise without censorship, Publishers can monetize their ad space without restrictions,  and users can share in the revenue.



With advertisers, BlockchainAds wants to let everyone advertise without censorship, revolutionary wallet targeting capabilities, and personalized advertising based on digital identity. 


Publishers are actually the online properties that ads are being shown, such as websites at the moment, and metaverses and virtual online properties in the near future. BlockchainAds, besides integrating with web2 websites, is API compatible with all Games and Virtual Realities (Metaverses) where people can see virtual ads and the owners of those virtual spaces can monetize their property. 


For users, BlockchainAds is paving a new way of interacting with the internet where users will be able to own a part of the Ad industry. In the traditional advertising world, companies use our data to earn money but BlockchainAds EcoSystem is made that % of the Ad spend from the Advertisers goes to the users who will in return provide their browsing data and select their Ad Preferences. 


BlockchainAds empowers you to create your first Web3 ID which will represent your web3 passport, and enables you to own your own web3 cookie. Keeping the protocol truly decentralized BlockchainAds gives you the full control of ads you see through the Web3 ID profile. In addition to this, the users will be paid for every ad they see regardless of where they are on the web. 

The features of BlockchainAds


As stated earlier the protocol will allow everyone from everywhere to be a part of the advertising industry and will allow them 100% privacy and instant secure payments. In addition to this, there will be no censorship for the ads. 


P2P Ad Platform

With no intermediaries involved meaning there will be no Demand Side Platform (DSP), Supply Side Platform (SSP), and Data Management Platform (DMP), the direct interaction between advertisers and publishers will result in lower transaction fees. 

Personalized Advertising based of Digital Identity

BlockchainAds will enable users to take part of the ownership in the massive Ad industry and gain full control over their Ad preferences. 


Metaverse Advertising

BlockchainAds P2P platform is integrating through API’s with Vulos Cryptonoids & Metaverse which effectively show virtual ads and monetization of the space in the metaverse. 

Latest Announcement

Currently, BlockchainAds is in the private sale phase, which will take place from May to June 2022. In this sale phase, there are three sale stages namely, Seed, Private A, and Private B. 

The private sale is expected to bring $7 million in investments.

Looking Forward

After the private sale, the company is planning to launch the token – Lockdrop Mechanism from June to July of 2022. And in December 2022 the launch of Government Genesis will take place where the company will deploy token governance features. In January 2023 the launch of Metaverse Integration Beta will take place which will enable the advertisers to buy the media space in the metaverse. 

If you are interested in learning more about BlockchainAds, or want to enter the closed Alpha as an Advertiser or Publisher, you can do so here: .

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