How The gDEX Cross-chain Guild Management Tool will Disrupt The Guild Economy

The P2E sector is evolving, and so is its economy. The need for collaboration between players and teams in Play to Earn games has created ‘organization-like’ virtual communities called guilds. These guilds function like corporations, requiring recruitment of players, rewards, promotions, apportioning of tasks, sharing of information, removal of players, etc. Like regular companies, a system is needed to coordinate these processes. Still, unfortunately, conventional accounting and management solutions cannot manage the uniqueness and intricacies of P2E games, as its business model operates off of blockchain technology. As guilds become a more prominent feature in the P2E economy, they’re inherently limited in scale by management efficiency and technology.

This evolution in the P2E gaming sphere has given rise to the need to have a proper guild management system. GDEX has developed the first-ever cross-chain Guild Management tool that will come with a robust feature-set that allows for effective management in line with current realities in the P2E Ecosystem.

In a world where the transfer of assets is more than just a bank transaction, usual applications for tracking one’s finances no longer apply. The gDEX Guild Management Tool was built to provide a one-stop-shop solution for all these issues.

Securing the Future of Guilds

The future appears to be very promising for the P2E’ industry.’ What started as groups of gamers trying to collaboratively overcome hurdles in games are becoming virtual organizations with proper structure and real reward systems. The growth and innovation in this sector also mean that new tools specifically streamlined to these changing realities are required. The gDEX Guild management tool is leading the way in this regard. It will set the stage for the future of guilds in the P2E metaverse. Guilds will be able to grow their businesses efficiently, maximize the value of their gaming NFTs, track and manage their earnings and scholars activities, optimize business processes using the member payroll and NFT renting system, and the ability to manage and grow guilds into the hundreds of thousands like a corporation.

Features of gDEX guild management system include: 

  • Mange guilds across games and chains
  • Treasury dashboard with intelligent visualization, which provides detailed reporting on overall guild activity, revenue, and the ability to export to csv.
  • Seamlessly distribute NFTs and tokens to registered guild members with the NFT multi-sender.
  • Generate and customize unique NFTs for guild members to hold as proof of membership.
  • Manage and track scholars and relevant guild accounts with an easy-to-use, intelligent dashboard.
  • Multi-level guild membership and scholarship access
  • Multi-sig gNosis integration

An All-in-One Platform

The P2E metaverse is currently undergoing tremendous growth and witnessing new innovations. To keep up with this trend and maximize results, management tools need to be dynamic and constantly be on the path of improvement. As the gDEX continues to grow, so will the guild management tool. At launch, the tool will serve as the unified platform for all guild management matters, offloading the burden of management off guild leaders. Over time, as more features are added, gDEX is set to become the hub for reimagining the guild economy. 


With a platform like gDEX, guild leaders are assured of seamless management of their guilds. The availability of features like NFT renting, treasury management, payroll management, and multi-Sig gnosis integration make it easier to coordinate guilds and puts them in the way of growing into established corporations. Register here and access the gDEX metaverse passport designed for you.



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