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Gotbit Expands their Footprint in the Crypto Ecosystem with the Launch of Gotbit Foundation

The pathbreaking Crypto events continue to entertain the world in 2021 and in this Crypto boom, the name of Gotbit does not need an introduction anymore. Recently, Gotbit announced its new expansion, ‘Gotbit Foundation’ which is a venture capital investment company focused on the long-term development of decentralized projects. It’s designed to equip visionaries of tomorrow with capital and a large network of support to realize new breakthroughs. 

Launched in 2017 when Cryptocurrencies were still in the budding stage, Gotbit has come a long way to become one of the largest and respected market makers and Crypto consultants in recent times. Currently, it is involved in over 250 projects across the globe, having successfully delivered over 1000 projects to date including multiple ‘Top 100’ projects which is a remarkable feat in such a short period.

The co-founder and CEO of Gotbit & Gotbit Foundation Andryunin Alexey, who is a pioneer in the blockchain and crypto trading market, is very optimistic about the future projects of Gotbit. 

The Gotbit foundation primarily invests in decentralized projects early on their inception and assists them in the entire process by leveraging the Gotbit network. Being able to leverage market making, in-house developers & consulting to new concepts facilitates high growth. It further ensures the credibility of various stakeholders involved by acting as an incubator and providing funds to various promising and deserving blockchain-based products.

The headquarters of the Gotbit is based in Moscow and operates on a global scale. The team of Gotbit has expanded to over 110 highly enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are playing different roles in the evolution of the company. It is considered one of the best market makers in the blockchain industry and is known for delivering high-quality services in a planned manner. The various services offered by Gotbit include:

  •     Market Making
  •     Development
  •     Investment
  •     Consulting

Over the years Gotbit has established itself as a key strategist in the field by expanding its network and has won the trust of various stakeholders by assuring their optimum growth. It continues to strengthen the blockchain industry through its consistent support and various flourishing projects. One thing is certain, Gotbit plays an important role in the crypto ecosystem and is only planning to expand their footprint and accelerate new projects.

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