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SHIB+AXS= YooShi? YooShi, the Owner of the Two Cusps of GameFi and Meme, may Usher in A Bigger Outbreak

In just one month, SHIB, which has been controversial, soared from $0.0000072 to the highest point of $0.0008 on behalf of Meme, an increase of more than 10 times. SHIB even surpassed DOT, a cross-chain giant, at one point, ranking 8th in the market capitalization of crypto assets. If you bought $1,000 SHIB last August, it would be worth tens of millions of dollars today. In just one year, SHIB almost finished the journey that DOGE took eight years to go, which is crazy. In addition, the outbreak of SHIB also drove the Meme cusp again, as it did in May this year, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of investors.

However, SHIB has obviously reached a bottleneck at present. The rapid market value growth can hardly sustain purely by marketing methods without actual value support. Looking back at the Meme coins that appeared in May this year, how many of them still exist and develop well now? Therefore, investing in crypto assets should not only focus on short-term market performance, but also pay attention to the development logic behind it.

Meme is a popular cultural gene that replicates and spreads in a derivative manner. It is characterized by communization, copy propagation and genetic evolution, and genetic evolution. SHIBI (Akita), DOGE (Dogecoin) and other Meme animal coins created by the market all have the characteristics of community, while their market performance depends on the strength of copy propagation, in other words, the strength of marketing ability. SHIB and DOGE are currently rank among the top ten in the market value of crypto assets, showing strong ability in spontaneous propagation of community culture, however, they lack the ability of genetic evolution If it’s in nature, they are going to go from boom to bust. With all the characteristics of Meme and strong vitality in terms of genetic evolution, YooShi is definitely a project worthy of long-term attention.


This is a recent slogan of the YooShi community, aiming to give people a quick understanding of what YooShi is in the simplest language. Since SHIB is the representative of Meme coin, while AXS is the leader of GameFi wave, how did YooShi combine the two?

YooShi launched Meme coin YOOSHI in May this year. The IP image is a cute little green cartoon dinosaur. As soon as its IP image was launched, it was loved by cryptographic enthusiasts and spread to Southeast Asia and the global community along with the craze of Meme. In June, YooShi launched several NFT models based on its IP image; In July, YooShi began to prepare for the launch of the next GamePad incubator; In early August, YooShi’s GamePad launched its first blockchain game, DNAxCAT; In September, GamePad launched its second blockchain game, StarMon; At the end of September, YooShi announced the establishment of P2E Guild Alliance with several South Asian blockchain gaming communities from the Philippines to Malaysia…

In less than half a year, YooShi has developed from a Meme concept to a blockchain game metaverse of NFT-GameFi incubator and P2E guild alliance. YooShi metaverse does cover the concepts of Meme and GameFi, which basically explains why YooShi is regard as SHIB-AXS. With two cusps, how can YooShi not be sought after by capital? But this positioning is not quite accurate, because YooShi’s current ecological layout has completely surpassed SHIB and AXS, and it has been able to evolve like a gene to cope with changing trends. So YooShi is definitely not taking advantage of the market focus, it is a focus itself!

In contrast, most of the other Meme projects developed only by community marketing will not survive after experiencing “519”. It’s like evolution in nature, the fittest survive.

With ecological empowerment and deflation model, YOOSHI has a steady upward momentum

YooShi is a fully community-driven decentralized project, and its token model design is totally consistent with community-based token standards: the total number of YOOSHI is 1 quadrat, no pre-sale, no team allocation, and more than 50% of them will be sent to black hole addresses and burned.

In the last month, YOOSHI’s market performance have outperformed more than 99% of crypto asset projects. The price of YOOSHI has risen from 0.0000001938 on September 28 to 0.000001974 now. It should be noticed that there is a 0 out after the decimal point, that is, the price of YOOSHI has increased more than 10 times in just one month, and the upward momentum is still growing!

According to CoinMarketCap, SHIB (9th) has a market capitalization of $38.8 billion, while AXS (24th) has a market capitalization of $8.4 billion, while YOOSHI only has a market capitalization of $700 million. Relatively speaking, YooSHI seems to have a great upside potential to grow.

In addition, YooShi GamePad is replicating the wealth effect of the Binance IEO in those days. Whether it is the Genesis NFT snap-up, Genesis NFT mining and mobile mining, etc., as long as participating in any link, you can get objective investment returns. And with YooShi GamePad’s first blockchain game DNAxCAT in beta, it’s hard not to wonder what they will experience when participating in Play to Earn.

This wealth effect, on the one hand, has rapidly built up YooShi’s global popularity, including the current over 110,000 telegraph members, over 140,000 Twitter followers and nearly 280,000 coin holding addresses. On the other hand, YooShi adopts the mechanism of buy-back by transaction services fees and burning on the design of economic model, making ecological development empower YooShi and become a real driving force for growth.

Burning scenarios related to YOOSHI deflation:

  1. The market charges a 10% transaction fee, of which 4% is distributed to all holders, including the black hole address (which means destruction); 3% will be locked up in a liquidity pool; 3% allocated to NFT mining;
  2. The service fee of NFT trading market is 3% of the transaction fees. BNB will firstly be converted into YOOSHI before paying, , 50% of the fee is directly burned, 40% into the mining pools, 10% reward to developers;
  3. The NFT auction market will charge 20% of the auction commission as a service fee, of which 40% will enter into the NFT mining pool, 50% will be exchanged to YOOSHI and be burned, 10% reward to developers; in addition, the platform will charge 3% of the seller’s profits as a service fee after the auction is successful. Of these, 40% enter into the YooShi NFT mining pool, 50% are exchanged to YOOSHI and be burned, and 10% reward to developers.
  4. Market trade generated by YooShi GamePad blockchain game incubation will also burn YOOSHI. For example, the recently launched DNAxCAT Cat Market will charge a 4.5% service fee per transaction, and 15% of the service fee (30% x 50%) will be exchanged to YOOSHI and be burned

Not only YooShi itself, the blockchain game projects incubated by GamePad are also driving up YOOSHI prices, with more than 61% of YOOSHI has been burned so far. In addition to YOOSHI buring scenarios, YOOSHI has more application scenarios, including NFT market/auction transactions, NFT synthesis, NFT mining power enhancement, mobile mining, coin holding interest and so on. Buying NFT through YOOSHI and increasing the mining power to a certain extent, it is possible to participate in the next GamePad “Stagging” tickets. Combined with the news that Chikyu Bae, the former CEO of Samsung Games, acts the CEO of YooShi Labs, it is not hard to see that there will be more premium blockchain game projects in the YooShi GamePad in the future. That’s a good news for “Stagging” investors of GamePad, and a long-term boon for YOOSHI holders.

Market is only the appearance, the mastery of the deep-seated logic is the investment criterion. Meme projects that can generate strong vitality from evolution are rare except for YooShi. And YooShi’s fundamentals are more in line with the logic of crypto-investment, i.e. comprehensive coverage of community, technology, and ecological applications, which is easier to attract the attention of institutional investors. YooShi is still in the early stage, the best investment strategy may be bold to join the game, holding YOOSHI is holding the entire YooShi ecology!

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