Composable Finance announces inaugural conference Unchained, uniting Cosmos and Polkadot experts in one dedicated forum.

Composable Finance announces inaugural conference Unchained, uniting Cosmos and Polkadot experts in one dedicated forum. 

As in-person events continue to pick up pace after a heavy beat down by the COVID lockdowns of the last two years, the budding blockchain sector is quickly catching up with exciting meetups, conferences, and events. Composable Finance, a cross-chain DeFi smart contracting platform is capitalizing on this resurgence to stage a first of its kind conference, Unchained. The event brings together thought leaders, creators, and enthusiasts across pioneering ecosystems. The Unchained conference will be held in Berlin on the 1st of July 2022. The highlight of the event poised to be the unveiling of the XCVM, Compossable’s cross-chain virtual machine for modularity within the DeFi ecosystem.


According to the announcement from its Twitter handle, Unchained will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and a hackathon. With an antecedent for spearheading composability within the DeFi ecosystem, Composable will also be unveiling the XCVM, its solution to orchestrate modular natively interoperable functions across DeFi ecosystems in a live demo. This unveiling will be witnessed by some of the leading industry experts from the Dotsama and Cosmos ecosystems. Composable’s Founder and CEO, 0xbrainjar, touts the event as “the first Cosmos <> Polkadot event of recent memory”,; a gathering of stakeholders in the DeFi ecosystem.

XCVM reveal

Composable Finance has been building cross-chain and DeFi interoperable solutions for a while now. The XCVM is its latest groundbreaking technology built with CosmWasm and IBC as the transport layer, uniting developers building natively interoperable smart contracts for their dApps on Cosmos and Substrate-based ecosystems. In addition, the XCVM has an extended use case for developers building with CosmWasm such as Terra, adding more utility to DeFi as solutions can be deployed across ecosystems. 


Armed with an impeccable track record of interoperable solutions such as Mosaic, and its transfer availability layer, the Unchained conference is an opportunity to give the world a first-hand view of its solutions. 0xBrainjar hammers on the need for a Composable Unchained conference stating that the ethos on which Composable lies is 


“Cross-ecosystem collaboration and thought leadership. 

Composable Unchained is the greatest personification of this.”


Cross-chain smart contracts and dApp solutions are getting front, and center attention as the clamor for interoperability within the DeFi ecosystem gets louder. The Composable Unchained conference will allow its attendees to debate and discuss the current state and future of interoperability within the ecosystem. The event planned for 1st July 2022 in Berlin will be held just a day after the Polkadot Decoded conference so that it will be packed with some of the great minds in the ecosystem. The Composable team has designed an event that will start with keynote speeches, panel sessions and workshops, the grand unveiling of the XCVM and a hackathon. Tickets to the event available here

What do you think about a cross-chain future where developers can easily launch dApps across chains?

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