Jeremy Dunn and Secret Society of Odd Fellows

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Not long ago, Jeremy Dunn was involved in everyday business areas, such as food, repair services, and discount coupons. Lately, he and his team have completely switched to blockchain and NFT technologies. Now they are on the verge of revealing the Secret Society of Odd Fellows.

Secret Society of Odd Fellows. What is that?

The Secret Society of Odd Fellows is a unique NFT project. The three team members are highly creative, so the project is really outstanding.

The membership in the Society will open access to a number of secret benefits and offerings. It was already announced that the first members would get VIP access to certain clubs and restaurants. Later on, the quantity of perks will increase according to the minted Odd Fellows percentage.

Odd Fellow NFTs

In total, there will be 10,011 NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each NFT contains more than 160 distinguishing features that make Odd Fellows look different. These distinguishing features were drawn by Redouane Belhadi, a renowned young artist with a fan club of more than 28,000 followers worldwide.

Oschino Vasquez created eleven rare Odd Fellow NFTs for the limited edition set. Oschino Vasquez is a real legend. He is a famous rapper who performed with Jay-Z and Kanye West. Apart from being a rapper, Oschino is an excellent artist.

What is Real World Utility?

Real-World Utility is what makes the Secret Society of Odd Fellows unique. Jeremy Dunn managed to design a significant utility that links the digital environment and real life.

The three-team members want to emphasize Real-World Utility. The Secret Society has already introduced a number of IRL gifts for Odd Fellows. Soon the team is going to introduce more real-life benefits for the community.

“When you buy an Odd Fellow NFT, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a dope piece of art. Your Odd Fellow can serve as your digital identity, open digital doors and open doors in the real world like never been done before with real-world utility,” explained founder Jeremy Dunn.

How to invest? 

The public sale will take place on the 15th of January, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. EST on the company’s website. The price for an Odd Fellow will be 0.08 ETH. It was announced that 100% of royalties would get back to the community. Normally it should attract potential investors. It seems like there are a lot of further benefits for Odd Fellow NFT holders.

You can get the latest information on Discord and social media with @oddfellowsnft or visit to find out more on the Secret Society of Odd Fellows.

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