Animalia – Aesthetic Gaming Experience with Exceptional Visual and Euphonious Audio 

Set in a world ravaged by war spanning centuries, Animalia is an independent free-to-play and play-to-earn game that seeks not only to offer an exceptional visual and audio experience, but pioneer a new trend of in-game assets, customizable, and tradable non-fungible tokens [NFTs]. 

Identifying the opportunities NFTs offer, Animalia was created to enable access to the blockchain to people from all over the world. In that light, this game will be made available on various platforms at zero cost to players. Through this impressive initiative, Animalia is positioning itself as an introductory medium for the concept of financial blockchain technology, albeit in an engaging and fun manner. 

Aesthetic Gaming Experience, Exceptional Visual, and Euphonious Audio—Core Facets of Animalia 

Designed as a turn-based strategy game with consequences and rewards, Animalia features a 1vs1 battle between opponents. Players each take turns to play cards in an attempt to cast powerful spells, summon Critters, equip themselves with mighty Gemstones and Weapons. 

In the Animalia ecosystem, the world is divided into two factions — the Mighty Bear and Fearsome Bull. Players will have to choose a Titan and they come equipped with unique cards and special powers gamers can exploit to dislodge opponents. Based on this anecdote, this play-to-earn platform has been designed with top-notch audio and visuals. 

As a gamers’ platform, Animalia grasps the importance of a riveting gaming experience, this is why building a truly artistic NFT gaming ecosystem was prioritized. With a clear and succinct direction, Animalia hopes to create and transform gaming experience as we know it today. Each piece of NFT was designed punctiliously by a team of innovative artists. The process of crafting these art pieces is rigorous and each is fine-tuned to offer the highest level of artistic brilliance. 

Sound is as important as visuals—Animalia incorporates a series of engaging, suspense-filled, and intriguing soundtracks for the game, creating a new atmosphere for gamers. The music dictates the ambiance and in-game stage, linking tiny aspects of gaming experience into a cohesive narrative. Animalia recognizes the significance of sound in overall gameplay, that is why unique sounds have been integrated, ensuring an immersive game capable of sustaining players’ interest as the story unfolds. 

A Trend Setter in the Digital Collectible Card Game Industry

Laying the groundwork for the future proliferation of the digital collectible card game, Animalia will allow gamers to seamlessly trade Titans, Critters, Landscapes, Gemstones, Weapons, NFTs, and other in-game assets. Players can be rewarded and can trade or borrow between each other through different digital tokens many in-game collectibles, items, cards in the form of NFTs. Through the PvP and PvE models, players will gain numerous in-game assets which can also be rented or sold off completely to other gamers. 

Powering the Animalia Kingdom is the project’s native token, $ANIM. This is a BEP-20 utility token with a total supply of 87 million which represents the 87 million species living on Earth. Token holders will, per the project white paper, claim colossal rewards for staking $ANIM and supporting further expansion and development of the project. 

At the onset, $ANIM holders will receive huge rewards for staking but these will dwindle when the project reaches its maturation and kick-off stage. 

Scheduled to be launched in Q3 of 2022 according to the project roadmap, Animalia through its unique gameplay, assets, and tradable NFT cards, will seek to become a pioneer in the digital collectible card game industry, laying a fine precedent for upcoming projects in that niche. 

With well-designed game settings and styles, Animalia leveraging the billion-dollar NFT market will seek to pioneer an ecosystem where users can customize and trade cards and tokens seamlessly. 

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