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1Movies Alternatives With Proxy and Mirror Sites To Stream free Movies

Online movie streaming services like 1Movies is customary to all movie buffs out there. We all crave to binge TV shows, re-watch our all-time favorite movies or just get early access to series or movies before they stream officially.

The best way to do so is by hopping onto online free movie streaming sites. There are tons of online free movie streaming sites out there but in this article, we will discuss probably the best one – 1Movies. 

1Movies Briefly Explained


1Movies is one of the best online free movie streaming sites. It houses a wide array of movies, shows and series covering all genres from time immemorial.

The platform has a decent user interface with well-organized and categorically arranged content. More interestingly, streaming, and downloading on 1Movies is fairly easy.

You do not need to use any third-party application to stream or download from 1Movies.

Additionally, you do not even need to create an account to watch movies on the platform. You simply go to the website and start watching, It is as simple as that!

However, you will be required to register on the website (for free), if you wish to download content.

All in all, it is a great platform for you to experience HD-quality interruption-free streaming services. Having said that, the site is banned in some countries, and in order to access it, you will need to use a VPN or Proxy Server.

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User Experience on 1Movies

Apart from being mobile/tablet friendly, the website is neatly arranged for your convenience. But before we jump into that, here are a few striking features of 1Movies.

  • A well-placed Search Bar for you to just enter your desired movie/show name and start watching immediately
  • No registration required for streaming content
  • Just a quick and free registration required to download content
  • High-quality recommendation engine
  • Watch-later feature available
  • Different streaming qualities available for each movie/show for you to access even with poor internet connectivity
  • Very few advertisements in the free version of the website
  • 1Movies updates itself regularly with the latest rush of new movies and shows

The entire content on this free online streaming platform is organized categorically into the following sections – All Movies, Movie Genre, TV Series, TV Genre, Country, Release.

With these many filters available, it is extremely easy for the user to simply hop on to the website and search for the desired content, rather than skimming cluelessly through thousands of movies and shows.

On top of that, the platform has literally hundreds of movie genres to choose from.

Let’s say, you are in the mood of some action stuff. You simply need to go to 1Movies, select ‘Action’ from the ‘Movie Genre’ category, and click on your desired action movie.

Similarly, there are a number of other genres to choose from – mystery, romance, adventure, mythology, sitcom, sci-fi, sport, thriller, horror, drama, biography, family, fantasy, comedy, and much more.

To put it simply, 1Movies  has everything it needs to cater to your mood seven days a week.

So, if you are wondering about how To Watch Movies Online, it is nothing but a cakewalk.

1Movies Premium Subscription

Despite being an online free movie streaming site, you will often come across advertisements while streaming on the platform.

This is however much less than most of the other sites out there. But if you are one of those who wants to enjoy absolutely uninterrupted entertainment, then you can buy a premium subscription.

This will also remove ads from 1Movies and offer you a seamless viewing experience. This will cost you $5/month – which is not a huge amount if you are a movie buff.

Apart from ad-free content, you will also get access to other top-notch features With a premium subscription. These include – Full HD quality movies/shoes, Unlimited download, ‘Add to favorites’ feature, zero ads, and ‘Download Offline’ feature.

We have mentioned all the fantastic advantages of using 1Movies. However, there are a couple of downsides as well.

Let’s address these issues with a couple of commonly asked questions. 

Is 1Movies legal? 

1Movies website is basically a third-party unauthorized movie streaming site that sources and hosts content from all possible sources.

Hence, it is not a legal alternative to paid subscription streaming services – the reason why most governments across the world have put a ban on 1Movies, To put it simply, 1Movies is not legal.

Is it Safe to Stream Movies on 1Movies?

The answer to this question is a partial one – both yes and no. Due to the government ban on 1Movies, it has created a number of mirror sites with different names and the same content.

It is fair to say that you are safe if you are using a reliable VPN or one of these mirror sites. However, most of these sites are crippled with viruses and malware that can damage your device.

Unless you are completely shielded with efficient anti-virus software, you may end up damaging your device. Hence it is never absolutely safe to stream on 1Movies.

Proxy and Mirror Sites of 1Movies

1Movies web is banned in most countries across the world, due to copyright infringement issues, The site basically hosts content in an unauthorized manner as a third-party platform.

Hence there are only a couple of ways by which you can access 1Movies –

  • Using a VPN
  • Proxy Server and Mirror Sites

Efficient VPN services are mostly paid ones. If you do not want to ride that wave, then using a Proxy Server or Mirror site are the best ways for you to stream on 1Movies.

A mirror site is nothing but a replica of the original site. For example, the mirror site of 1Movies has the same content, features, and speed as that of the original site.

These are relatively safe to use and offer an ad-free viewing experience.  1Movies has a number of mirror sites with different domain names, and you can stream seamlessly on these sites.

You can also access Proxy sites of 1Movies by using a Proxy server. Internet Service providers usually block access to restricted sites by blocking them on their main server, However, you can still access these sites on a proxy server without any interruption.

Hence proxy sites of 1Movies are also a great alternative to the original 1Movies site which is currently banned by a number of governments across the world.

Here are a few Proxy Sites of 1Movies:

Best Free VPN for Streaming Movies


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. These are a great way to access restricted content without being noticed by authorities. VPNs basically put you through a tunnel network to your destination site, thus allowing you to access blocked sites.

For example, if you are in India and do not have access to 1Movies, you can download a VPN service, manually set a different location (where 1Movies is legal), and seamlessly access 1Movies anonymously.

If you are wondering about the best free VPN for streaming movies, we have a couple of recommendations. Though you will eventually have to pay a certain monthly amount after the free-trial period, it is completely worth it.

So here are the best VPN services for streaming movies online: 



  • Full access to geo-restricted content
  • 3 months free on 12 months subscription pack
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • DNS/IPv6 leak protection
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
Surfshark VPN


  • AES-256-GCM data encryption method
  • 30-days free trial
  • Connect unlimited devices to one account
  • Full access to geo-restricted content
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Other popular and effective VPN services are CyberGhost, NORD VPN, ZenMate, Private VPN, etc.

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Top 1Movies Alternatives

Despite using VPN and Proxy/Mirror sites, you might have some issues in some parts of the world. Hence, in this section, we have listed the best 1Movies alternatives where you can stream movies seamlessly.

If you are looking for legal alternatives, get yourself a paid subscription of either of the following video streaming platforms – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, etc. While all of these platforms will cost you a reasonable subscription cost, these will also offer the most hassle-free online streaming experience. They host a wide index of content from various genres and languages.

Top 5 Alternatives for Free Online Streaming

If you are looking for free 1Movies alternatives, have a look at the listicle below:


1movies has been there for a long time and is regarded as one of the most simple yet effective platforms for streaming movies online. All you need to do is go to the website, look for your favorite movie/show from a well-organized library and start watching. As simple as that!

2. Vimeo


Being one of the most versatile online movie platforms for both users and creators, Vimeo is an easy fit into our list of ‘Top 5 1Movies Alternative’. It also offers high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming in both HD and 4K. Additionally, Vimeo is user-friendly and is equipped with fast and robust servers that enable instant streaming and downloading.


3. 123netflix


Do not confuse this one with the original Netflix that most of us are used to. However, 123netflix is a great alternative if you cannot access 1Movies. 123netflix has a unique collection of movies and shows which are excluded from most online free movie streaming sites. A user-friendly interface and well-organized updated content added to its popularity.

4. CmoviesHD


Though CMoviesHD is fairly new in the space of online free movie streaming, it has an updated and vast array of content ranging from movies and shows to the very popular web-series genre. Moreover, it has categorized its content beautifully to cater to audiences having all sorts of tastes. CMoviesHD pops up much fewer advertisements as compared to other 1Movies Alternatives, thus offering a better viewing experience.

5. Snagfilms


Snagfilms concludes our list of Best 1Movies Alternatives. It has more or less the same features and offerings as the other sites mentioned above. However, a fancy user experience clubbed with completely free content has made it very popular among movie buffs.

Now that you know all about free movie streaming online – 1Movies, 1Movies alternatives, legal video streaming sites, 1Movies Proxy Sites, Best free VPN for streaming movies, and much more, stop reading and feed your movie rush.


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