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Seafarers Now Play Serious Games Using Autonomous Device


The amazing experiences developed with virtual reality tech offer right set of training circumstances based on the scenario. As such, Seafarers now can start playing serious games which are deployable at land or sea. Only an autonomous gadget which offers interactive games and is designed to reach particular training objectives is required.

Diving Deep

SQLearn has developed this impressive world through the Dolphin platforms. The major focus is to have active participation of seafarers in training. Besides, it will also help lessen the cost and time of the training process.

The differences

Virtual reality is not similar to augmented reality. The former implies simulation of the 3D environment which kind-of interacts in a real way. On the other hand, the latter simply brings digital elements in the real world. The training given with virtual reality really can prove to be as effective just like real-life training.

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Industries that need to be familiar with hazards at all times have received effective results when virtual reality tech and creative e-learning are merged. Besides, reliving an error via simulation helps trainees to act back again and develop practice skills and self-confidence.

Maritime industry uses virtual reality tech for various purposes. This includes making sure the crew has the experience required to efficiently and safely manage situations like machinery adjustments, securing operations, galley explosions.

Such serious games even help develop resilience, which concentrates on the ability of a person to attain objectives in a variety of situations. A person, who is less resilient, will more likely feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, a person who is more resilient will maintain healthy psychological and physical wellness in case of challenging situations.

The new SQLearn tech can be used with Oculus Go or Oculus Rift headsets, which are autonomous gadgets that offer max portability. Besides, they can also be used on board as well as ashore.

A tanker vessel’s basic sections, the bridge and several parts of the deck and engine room, are used to create virtual reality familiarization. SQLearn’s interactive games deal with particular training circumstances like fire drill situation.

SQLearn, established in the year 2006, specializes in providing e-learning services. This includes custom e-learning content development and solutions, instructional design, integrated learning management systems development. Besides, there’s also game-based learning, 3D training simulations, serious games development, e-learning consultancy services, and mobile learning.

The company developed a Dolphin platform which is an entire suite of expert services for maritime industry. Dolphin Platforms comprises of a range of effective and innovative products which use interactive, reflective and flexible methods.

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The e-learning courses and facilities of SQLearn are certified as per relevant ISO 9001: 2015 and ABS standards.

Notably, the UK maritime industry will utilize virtual and augmented reality for seafarer training as an attempt to make the sector creative.

The use of the technology will allow development of an innovation hub at a UK port in coming few years. This will help look at ways to clean emission and improve training. The hope is to make the UK a place to conduct trials of such a technology and gain investment opportunities.

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