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Online Jeweler E-Jewels Sells Luxury Products For Crypto Using Swapin Solutions

Crypto holders who got into the market during almost any point over the last ten years (except maybe the previous year) have substantial profits to show for their wise investment choices. This leaves crypto holders faced with several decisions to make. 

Firstly, crypto holders want to consider spending their crypto without having to constantly go into cash. Secondly, crypto holders might be seeking to diversify their wealth into other categories. Thirdly, after such success, crypto holders have an affinity for spoiling themselves and loved ones with luxury goods.

That is precisely why global online jewelry retailer E-Jewels has chosen to begin selling their luxury goods to clients who are paying with crypto. Here is more on why E-Jewels has chosen to target the crypto audience and how Swapin solutions make it all possible.

E-Jewels Reveals Plan To Accept Crypto Payments For Diamonds, Gold

Denmark-based jewelry giant E-Jewels has revealed its plan to accept crypto payments for its vast lineup of luxury products, including diamonds, wedding and engagement rings, bridal sets, gifts, and other high-end jewelry.

According to the retailer’s website, “the E-Jewels way” is to “create a universe where it’s possible to get high-quality diamond and gold jewelry without any costly intermediaries.” The line stands out in particular as one of the reasons why the company has chosen to accept crypto.

Cryptocurrencies are an emerging financial technology that allows users to send value and assets from one user to another without any costly intermediaries like banks. The only problem is that currently, banks are still required for most individuals and businesses. Traditional finance is still well in control, and cryptocurrencies must be made to fit within the existing system.

This, in the past, has posed a challenge to businesses like E-Jewels, who couldn’t previously accept crypto due to the risk involved. For example, if E-Jewels took payment in Bitcoin, by the time the funds arrived, the price could have changed significantly. New solutions are evolving each day that allow crypto-to-fiat transactions to occur seamlessly, allowing crypto users to pay in crypto, yet the business on the other end receives fiat to a connected bank account.

How Swapin Solutions Make Accepting Crypto Easy For All

E-Jewels is able to accept cryptocurrencies thanks to Swapin’s innovative B2B solutions. Crypto users eager to spend their digital assets can now do so by purchasing diamonds, gold, and more from E-Jewels in just a few clicks. The consumer benefits by having more options and the ability to use their crypto, while the business can tap into new audiences with a strong affinity for luxury purchases.

Swapin B2B tools include CoinCollector and E-Com. CoinCollector allows invoice-based businesses to generate an easy-to-use payment link with details all prefilled for user convenience. E-Com works similarly, but through a widget that any company or merchant can quickly implement into their websites or online storefronts.

All Swapin solutions are legal and fully compliant with financial regulations. As a licensed financial entity, Swapin offers a direct connection between banks and crypto that others cannot compete with. These crypto-to-fiat solutions all alleviate the concerns for businesses around volatility risk, accounting, and even compliance. 

The oly thing left for businesses to do, is to get the word out and let the crypto audience know they now accept digital assets as a form of payment. If you are seeking to use your crypto and are interested in diamonds and gold jewelry, check out the official E-Jewels website. If you are a business or individual seeking to learn more about Swapin B2B and B2C solutions, check out the Swapin website as well.


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