Introducing Sintra – Public Beta Release

San Francisco, CA – 21 September, 2022 – Sintra is proud to announce and present the public beta release of Sintra, a socially-powered NFT investment app that connects investors who strategize, together.

The public beta release of Sintra is free and available to everyone. They are currently supporting 450+ collections on Ethereum with Solana to follow up shortly after this launch. You can read more about the supported collections here.

You can also read more details in the frequently asked questions section of Sintra website or if you’re excited to give it a try, you can get started here.

What is Sintra?

Sintra is the socially-powered NFT investment app that connects like-minded investors to build strategies together. It’s where the most in-demand assets are made accessible to all through fractional ownership.

They are currently in a public beta release that is free and open to everyone. Please note some features might not be available. Details on what is available in the public beta release are noted at the end of this post.

Who Sintra is.

Sintra is on a mission to make crypto and NFTs more approachable and accessible by building the future NFT Social Investing Network for investors that is user friendly, understandable, insightful, and open to anyone. After a couple of months of user research, user testing and closing our $2 million USD in seed funding from Lemniscap (lead investor), with participation from FTX Ventures (the venture-capital arm of crypto exchange FTX), Chorus One Ventures, CMCC Global, Big Brain Holdings, Two Ape VC and angel investors Shanna Tellerman, Felix Lutsch, and Anthony Beaumont who helped to make this mission a reality.

The invention of NFTs on the blockchain has presented an opportunity for growth, creativity, and a new way for people to become owners, shape their community, build communities, create, and invest together. Today the NFT landscape for community building is a fragmented landscape of overwhelming Discord servers, Telegram groups and mountain sized hurdles for newcomers to the space who have to overcome the fragmentation of messaging tools, platforms and information.

They want to build the purpose-built investing app for the future of NFT collective investing that infuses social, analytics, insights and access to like-minded investors in one single place. They do not want to stop there. They want to enable open access for all, regardless of purchasing power, to the most in-demand asset, made easier and more accessible through fractional ownership.

What is a public beta release?

A public beta release is referred to as a version of the product that is actively getting built. In this case, the Sintra team is actively building towards the mission of a new socially-powered NFT investment app that is open, approachable and accessible to all.

They like to build in public and open it up to everyone who wants to give Sintra a try, share feedback and help us shape this product to be the best version it can be for the whole NFT community.

What features are in the public beta?

The first phase of the public beta is to get the foundational experience in place with community and analytics in one feed. The feed on Sintra is where engagements between users, marketplace events, analytics and other insights are posted. They have also noted below other key features as part of this release and will continue to introduce additional features and more features over time.


Sintra support Ethereum NFT collections for the beta with support for Solana NFT collections coming shortly after. You can see this full list of 450+ Ethereum NFT collections we support in the beta.

Account Creation 

There are various ways to create an account on Sintra.

  • You can create an account using your crypto wallet. For the beta release, we’re currently supporting MetaMask and will add additional wallet support soon.
  • You can create an account using traditional email and password.
  • You can create an account using social login (e.g Google, Discord, etc.)


This release of Sintra will offer usernames as well. Usernames on Sintra are permanent and can’t be changed, not even by the Sintra team. If you are wondering why usernames are permanent, it’s because they want to prevent impersonations on Sintra; only allowing new users to create their usernames once. They do this to protect our community’s safety and security on the platform.

Profile Images

When you create an account on Sintra, you can pick from our default profile images or set a profile image from an NFT in your wallet.


When you create an account on Sintra, you can start by selecting three categories of various NFT category interests, from generative art to music to everything in-between. In the future, they will build ways to customize and change these options as well.

They have also enabled personalization of the feed to filter and adjust to your liking. This is based on different posts, events or insights you’re interested in.


The beta release has infused many community features, what we like to call the heart of Sintra.

  • Posts: You can post which NFT collections you are bullish on, bearish on, or want to ask a question about.
  • Posts: You can also say GM or GN to any of the NFT collections right from the feed. Select the collection you want to say GM to and we will automatically post it to all every member of that collection’s feed if they are on Sintra.
  • Replies: You can reply to any post on Sintra.
  • Sharing: You can share a specific post or an entire page within the product.
  • Reactions: You can react with bullish, bearish, likes, GM or GN on any post.
  • Personalization: When you create an account on Sintra, let you pick the categories of NFT collections you are interested in and let you filter the feed based on a specific post, event or metric.


All analytics appear directly on Sintra’s feed.

  • This includes marketplace events like NFT sales and purchases.
  • This also includes Twitter mentions where you can view how many times a NFT collection you are following or that you own is mentioned on Twitter. Twitter mentions per collection are tracked every 24 hours.
  • This also includes floor price changes where you can view the increase or decrease in floor prices for any of the collections you are following or interested in.
  • We will initially support OpenSea for the beta and add more marketplaces soon.

NFT Exchange 

The NFT exchange will not be included in the public beta. They will release the NFT exchange in the future and will share more details at a later juncture.

NFT Pages

Sintra has built dedicated pages to view NFTs and see suggested collections based on the NFT collection’s category. You can also see who owns an NFT and follow that profile or wallet.

User Profiles

When you create an account on Sintra, they automatically create your profile where you can see your activity feed, your settings, and showcase all the NFTs you hold in one wallet or in multiple wallets. Note: They currently support 450+ collections at the moment. If your NFT does not appear in your wallet, it is because it is not part of the supported collections in their public beta.

Multiple Crypto Wallets

In the beta, you will have the option of adding multiple wallets to your profile, which will display NFTs from each of the wallets on your profile. Note: We currently support 450+ collections at the moment. If your NFT does not appear in your wallet, it is because it is not part of the supported collections in our public beta.

Wallet Profiles

Sintra have made profiles for 700,000+ NFT wallets. You can see what they are holding, get updates as they make sales or purchases, and follow them right within Sintra.

Collection Profiles

You can find collection profiles for the 450+ NFT collections they support as part of the beta launch. You can see high-level metrics of the collection like floor price, twitter mentions, supply, and posts associated with that collection.

Sintra has also included a tab to view NFTs of that collection from the collection profile page. In the future, we will build ways to filter this list by rarity and other to-be-announced filters.

Follow & Connect

You can follow an NFT collection, a specific user, or a profiled wallet. Updates from the users, collections, and wallets you follow will now appear in your feed.


Sintra have built in-product notifications for new followers, replies, and reactions to your posts.


Sintra have also built translations into posts and replies. They wanted to embrace the international audience of NFTs and make everyone feel engaged in the conversation.

Who can benefit from Sintra’s features?

Our research and first hand experience with NFT investors clearly showed a significant need for a purpose-built socially powered NFT investment app. They spent months conducting user interviews, user testing of various directions, and research within the space to see if there was indeed a need for an easy to use, inclusive and purpose-built socially-powered app with features that support the needs of this growing community.

Community building, making connections, uncovering analytics, and determining the right purchases were not just marketplace events or news, but actually the talking points for connecting like-minded investors. The future is clear to us, collective investing is the future and they are here to build that platform for the current and future waves of NFT investors.

The majority of current NFT investors are retail investors who are passionate about supporting other creators, investing in their community, and owning and shaping the projects they invest in. It was clear these users would benefit from the set of features we have built in the public beta of Sintra and will benefit from future releases as they iterate and improve the product.

What comes next?

Sintra would love to hear feedback as you try out Sintra’s public beta. Your input will help us continue to improve, polish the product, squash bugs, and add new features based on requests.

Sintra will continue adding community features, analytics features, and will release the NFT exchange with NFT fractionalization soon. Below are a few top-of-mind features they will aim for following the public beta:

  • Adding support for Solana NFT collections
  • Groups & Channels
  • Improving Comments, Replies & Post Composer Experience
  • Advanced Analytics & Charts
  • Improved Notifications & Alerts
  • Improved Personalization
  • Improved Feed Experience and New Feed Features
  • Supporting 1:1 Artists
  • Comprehensive Search Experience
  • NFT Exchange with Fractional Ownership & Instant Liquidity
  • And So Much More

These are some of the features they have top of mind. they would love to hear from you, please follow Sintra on Twitter or join their Telegram to chat with the team .

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