Introducing “Dual Assets”: Easy Staking and Earning

It’s often argued that cryptocurrencies are not a good investment asset because they don’t provide dividends or cash flow revenue. However, the critique is partially accurate since crypto lending and staking allows investors to make money from their crypto holdings.

One such platform is YouHodler, a crypto lending platform that promises as much as a 3% interest rate on bitcoin and 8% interest on stablecoins. In addition, to bridge a gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency, the platform has launched a new yield-generating product, Dual Assets. By doing so, the platform hopes to dispel the myth that cryptocurrency doesn’t provide income from cash flow or dividends. 

This article will explain what Dual Assets is, which combines cryptocurrency and stablecoin to offer its users the best opportunity to earn passive income. 

What is Dual Asset?

As previously mentioned, Dual Assets connect two assets – a cryptocurrency and a stablecoin. Therefore, Dual Assets allow users to maximise their profits by predicting an asset’s potential for growth in the future. 

Who is this for? The strategy is designed for anyone who wants to earn big from crypto but especially for those seeking better risk management and higher returns than traditional HODLing.

The Mechanism Behind Dual Assets

While there’s no easy way to explain how any crypto works, here’s our best try to explain the mechanics behind Duel Assets. The process involves three steps. 

Step 1: Select the ETH/USDT pair from the list of assets. (Alternatively, you can choose another pair)

Step 2: Put 1 ETH as an input coin and open a stake. 

Step 3: Click on the start button after selecting a plan. 

YouHodler then decides the annualised return in ETH based on the initial price and the length of time. Then, at the end of your plan, the amount you paid at the end is compared to the price you paid at the beginning. This is what decides if your payment is in ETH or USDT.

In the end, you will have the following two conditions:

  1. First, the yield paid in USDT during the plan’s length is returned if the final price of ETH exceeds the initial price.
  2. Should ETH’s price settle below the starting price, you will be repaid both the initial investment and all profits ETH made during your plan. Getting paid in ETH might seem like a loss now that its value has fallen, but this could easily change into a gain as ETH’s price rises.

But Why Should You Care About This New 

By opening a Dual Asset deal, your savings for a week are automatically increased. 

With the Dual feature, your savings limit will be doubled if you save $10,000. You will be able to increase your savings limitation by $10,000 upon signing the deal. Upon completion of the deal, it will increase by $10,000 more. There will be a one-week duration to the deal. Following that, the limit will return to its previous level.

In addition, many people are tempted to store their cryptocurrencies in hardware wallets for safety. The first thing to know is that crypto assets stored in hardware wallets yield no returns other than the organic growth of the assets themselves. YouHodler offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the asset’s natural growth and generate additional yield by utilising its Dual Assets feature.

What else?

  • No matter what the market does, you’ll make money.
  • Don’t worry about setting up multiple wallet accounts, remembering seed phrases, buying crypto on another exchange, etc. Do it all in YouHodler. 
  • Give up the false sense of security and trust that DeFi platforms provide.
  • Short deal durations give you flexibility and risk management.

Final Words

It might sound too good to be true, but YouHodler’s Dual Assets feature allows users to trade market volatility for high rewards of 100% to 365% APR, so you are guaranteed to make a profit regardless of market conditions, which gives you better results than the rest of the traditional market. 

It doesn’t matter how the market develops during the staking period, as you will always earn the exact APR for both currencies. Hence, you’re getting a win-win solution. 


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