How Initium Group will bring change in the traditional banking sectors?

Today, we are with Mr. Daniel Spier, the CEO of Initium group which is a multi-jurisdictional corporate banking group focused on providing traditional banking services to companies operating in the new digital economy. Let’s dive into the mind of Daniel and ask what innovation Initium group can bring in the traditional sectors of banking. Here we go:–

Q1. What is INITIUM Group and what is your vision and mission?

INITIUM Group is intends to be the bank of choice for the best and brightest businesses in the new digital economy, offering the full range of traditional banking services in multiple jurisdictions.

Our vision is to be the first choice for banking in the new digital economy.

Our mission is to bring the best of traditional banking to the new digital economy.

Q2. What are the problems you see in the traditional banking services for corporations operating in the new digital economy and how you are going to solve them?

The biggest problem is getting traditional banking services! Most traditional banks use a risk modeling process that is incompatible with the new digital economy. That’s not a deliberate obstacle, merely a function of institutional lag. It’s too new for the banks to know how to work with the segment, so they just don’t, yet. They might eventually one day, but it will take more time.

We solve these problems by taking the best practices of risk management and corporate banking from the traditional industry, but decouple them from the out-of-date institutional processes that stop traditional banks from serving the new digital economy. We choose clients on a case by case basis, and avoid blanket decisions on entire industries because some players may be risky.

Q3. Which type of industries should use the INITIUM Group’s services?

We serve the entire new digital economy, but the main clients would be fintechs, blockchain/crypto, emoney, MSBs etc.

Q4. Being a media partner of UCIM (United Conference of Internet Money), we would like to ask, what are your expectations from the event?

We want to meet with investors who have a clear and forward looking view on the potential of the new digital economy, and share our vision as to its potential.

Q5. What’s your personal opinion on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built with blockchain at its core?

Blockchain is here to stay, and offers amazing opportunities for automation and transparency. It will fundamentally change how many businesses work.

Q6. According to a recent research, 57.43% of new projects are at the idea stage and do not have a final viable product. How important it is important for you to have an MVP / fully-ready product?

We care mostly about the strength of the business case and governance. If these are strong and compliant, we’re ready to talk.

Q7. The roadmap as depicted, is it justifiable and brought into operation likewise? Did you encounter any backlogs?

We’re currently in line with our roadmap and well on our way to successfully launching in our first jurisdictions.

Q8. Could you maybe tell our audience where they can find you, what to look forward to in the future?

We can be found at, as well as on Medium at, where we share insights and thoughts about the new digital economy and the future of banking, and of course on twitter (@INITIUMtalks) and LinkedIn (

What to look forward to? A dedicated banking partner that understands the needs of the new digital economy and offers the banking solutions that they need to succeed.

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