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How I-PRO Will Bring Transparency in the Property Ecosystem

There’s no denying the fact that property is a very exciting business prospect worldwide now. At a time where the risks of the stock market do not end, property emerges as an investment option that provides high tangible value to the investors. And as property is a tangible asset, it gives the investors more control over their investment. Since the beginning of time, it has been observed that the value of a property increases with time. Couple that with tax benefits, and you have yourself a winner.

However, there have been problems that make investors hesitant. The standout of which is the lack of transparency in the property industry. There are unexpected hidden costs, even making costs higher. And all those taking part bear this challenge – property developers, property agents, financial institutions, and users.

A company plans to create a decentralized international property marketplace for both commercial and residential property. I-PRO Token is a company that saw great potential in blockchain technology and implemented that in their property business.

About I-PRO Token

They are a company who has been in the property business for 10 years now. During those 10 years, it has managed assets worth over $25 million. In search of growth, the company identified blockchain technology as an asset. They enabled brokers and agents to list their products and services on a marketplace they have powered by blockchain technology. Along with that, they offer enhanced leasing capabilities, selling, management, and reporting. Through this marketplace, international entities can establish connections between themselves to enable new property investment models. As per the company,

“We see a huge ecosystem in the property industry, this is a prospective business in the future. We connect all the ecosystem paths of the property industry around the world through sophisticated blockchain technology.” 

How I-PRO token would revolutionize the property market

With their aim to decentralize the property marketplace, I-PRO Token has chosen blockchain technology wisely. This serves as the base of their decentralized marketplace.

I-PRO Token intends to use their own crypto token based on the ERC20 platform. I-PROTOKEN would be used as a payment method – fast, safe, and cheap in pricing. For those who would want more detail on the same, here are the I-Pro Token details :

Token Name : I-PROTOKEN

Token Symbol : IPR

Token Decimal : 8

Total Supply : 300.000.000

IPR Token Platform : ERC20 

ETHEREUM Contract Address : 0xb0ecc7f33973d8acd6296ab40f37718015b98345

Price At First ICO : 0.0005 ETH

Price On Exchange : 0.003 ETH

The I-PRO Token team has issued a distribution chart listing the flow of I-PROTOKEN distribution. Transparency being one of the ideals of their project, they have already begun working towards building it.

The company has already taken a gigantic step towards transparency by explaining the flow of its token distribution. IPR tokens would be the same. Individuals worldwide can buy and trade the IPR tokens. Similar to every currency that enters the global cryptocurrency market, the price of the IPR token would be volatile. Not only can individuals use the IPR token to deal in the property marketplace, they can also benefit by trading the tokens themselves.

The company plans to create a technological innovation in the property industry that will increase people’s purchasing power over property. They hope this will penetrate the global market so it will have a wider positive impact in various countries.

Future sustainability and execution

If we can say something for sure, it is that I-PRO Token is here to stay in the property market. The plan to incorporate blockchain technology in the property business is as good in actual life as it sounds on paper. Similar to all extensive projects, it will grow in its due time. As you read this, the company works extensively to research the area of the market. They also intend to maintain a healthy relationship and collaborate with various entities such as banks, financial institutions, and construction companies and even have the support of the government. All these indications point towards IPR token prices going upwards in the future.

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