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E21 Foundation Announces New Cryptocurrency Project, Releases E21 Coin to Power the Creator Economy

Boston, MA – The E21 Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its cryptocurrency project and online platform dedicated to content creators. Today, millions of creators, entertain, educate and inspire billions of people without a proper financing infrastructure in place. The launch of the E21 Coin, a new cryptocurrency token inspired by this creative revolution, would transform the creator economy. As part of the announcement, the E21 Foundation is also soliciting early token buyers for its projects, which will give everyone the opportunity to define E21 and the creator/innovation economy.

The E21 project was inspired by the over 100 million creators who engage, educate, and entertain the global population daily through their individual creations and passions. The new coin will support this growing “creative” economy by permitting new ways for audiences and investors to finance creatives and new their projects. While this evolving economy has been fraught with intermediation and consistency issues, the project will embrace new backbones in communication and financial technologies to solve these problems, among others.

“At the E21 Foundation, we are committed to developing a suite of products networked by the E21 Coin in the pursuit of building the ultimate Creator’s Paradise – a place on the internet where creators from around the world can build an audience and earn a living,” remarked Edwin G., Founder of E21 Coin. “We help finance the creators so they can grow and bring projects to life,” they added.

For investors and blockchain enthusiasts, the E21 Coin presents an opportunity to buy, invest, and support creator projects, which will help creators earn money, grow their audiences, and create engaging content for their audiences around the world.

The only place to buy or sell the E21 Coin safely is on Uniswap, a decentralized finance protocol used to exchange cryptocurrencies. A limited number of coins have been made available through the initial release. To learn more, please visit where you can read the exclusive whitepaper. You can also join the growing community on Twitter and Telegram!

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