DeFi Investment Strategies Made Easy With Midas’ CeDiFi Model

Decentralized finance (DeFi) investment strategies are becoming increasingly mainstream, with more investors looking to capture premium yield in an incredibly volatile market. Getting started with DeFi, however, can be intimidating to the novice investor given the general lack of familiarity and user-friendliness combined with inherent security risks, all of which bring hesitancy to new investors looking to get involved in the DeFi market.

To bring DeFi opportunities to the average investor, Midas.Investments has designed an infrastructure with built-in, automated strategies and tools that do not require investors to master the art of DeFi investing. How does Midas.Investments accomplish this? Let’s find out.

Merging Centralized and Decentralized Finance Ecosystems

With a similar business model to CeFi, Midas provides its investors with hybrid yield opportunities using algorithms and DeFi strategies. By combining these features, investors can fulfill essential needs, like security, which plays a crucial role when investors are searching for the right trading platform. Further, Midas’ hybrid CeDeFi model provides a solution for investors by automating investment strategies. By using different models of volatility prediction, strategies, hedging, collateral asset models, and corrections, Midas aims to achieve efficiency in all areas of DeFi. 

Offering Different Investment Strategies

Midas offers three investment strategies to provide for a seamless investment experience, each of which was thoughtfully built by our team of professionals. Midas’ team is composed of highly-qualified individuals with extensive experience in DeFi, putting investors’ minds at ease that their assets are being properly managed. 

Midas’ first (and flagship) strategy is the Fixed Yield Strategy, where investors can earn industry-leading yields on individually staked cryptocurrencies. 

Our second strategy is the Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP), which is composed of a basket of crypto assets grouped together by type and performance. YAPs allow for investors to achieve optimized yield as YAPs are rebalanced each month by our investment team at no cost to the investor.   

There are currently two YAPs offered by Midas that can help investors earn optimized yields: Stable and DeFi YAPs. With the DeFi YAP, investors can invest in some of the most innovative projects within the DeFi market and maximize their returns and long-term growth potential. Conversely, the Stable YAP boosts returns while offering a more stable investment portfolio. 

Lastly, Midas’ Complex DeFi Strategy are new and evolving investment concepts that provide investors with medium-to-higher risk options so that investors may further diversify their portfolios. Leveraged liquidity farming, for example, allows for more revenue to be earned during market pullbacks by combining assets with USDT or any other stable asset. 

Addressing a Common Fear Among Investors: Security

Emerging platforms like to tout their top-of-the-line security measures with keeping investor assets safe. As we’ve recently seen with many CeFi platforms, however, robust security doesn’t necessarily translate to your investments being made safe. 

Unlike these traditional CeFi platforms, Midas has deployed a vast network of backend processes that work to hedge and protect the front-end investment options (the likes of which have allowed Midas to avoid collapses like Anchor/UST and Three Arrows Capital). As a result, investors are given an opportunity to earn premium yields in spite of an incredibly volatile market. 

Midas has integrated its ecosystem with the highly-secured Fireblocks crypto custody and transfer platform that provides commercial-grade digital security for stored assets. Fireblocks’ technology not only allows Midas to securely store our investors’ assets, but it also automates the monthly rebalancing process for our YAPs. By boosting security and efficiency, Fireblocks also assists Midas’ treasury with its investment strategies.

As a DeFi liquidity provider, Midas employs numerous yield generation protocols, including liquidity supply, loans, multi-protocol methods, and algorithmic tools as hedging mechanisms. Midas’ platform combines the best of centralized and decentralized finance with an optimized trading and investing model that benefits its 10,000+ active investors who have trusted Midas with more than $300 million in TVL.


Midas.Investments has entrenched itself as the premier CeDeFi platform by streamlining and simplifying the DeFi investment process. By managing our investors’ assets within DeFi ecosystems, Midas allows for its investors to earn passive and premium yields without investors needing to manage the multiple risks inherent in DeFi.  

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