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Top 5 Features of YoWhatsapp

If you are using many WhatsApp Mods from too many days then you might be familiar with the name of YoWhatsApp. This WhatsApp Mod is different from official WhatsApp and also comes with extra features which official WhatsApp does not have. So, in this article, we are going to show you ‘Top 5 features of YoWhatsApp’.

The best thing about YoWhatsApp is that it is free of cost and also comes with extra features. WhatsApp has become our daily routine app in our lives and because of some limited features of that official WhatsApp, you might get bored with it. So, let’s know some features of YoWhatsApp which make some interest for you using WhatsApp.

5 best features of YoWhatsApp

This app YoWhatsApp is developed by an independent developer whose name is Yousef. This WhatsApp Mod is connected with official WhatsApp server. This app for the first time published on XDA forum and after that it gets viral. So, now let’s see some features of yowhatsapp.

  1. Added feature for Group Admins

It is difficult to manage a group with huge members. Official WhatsApp has a limit of adding group name of 25 Character. But, this YoWhatsApp has the feature of adding 35 characters in group name of WhatsApp.

  1. Enhanced Messaging System

The designer of the YoWhatsApp has planned the informing stage in all respects pleasantly. As of now, the informing arrangement of the YoWhatsApp application enables you to auto-answer to messages, erase numerous messages on the double, better looking talk air pockets and blue ticks. Utilizing these, you can without much of a stretch answer with a computerized content to your contacts when you are away, erase the undesirable messages at once and open visit windows.

  1. Can do Mass Broadcasting up to 600 members

If you do any type of business and want to send messages to too many persons at the same time without making a group then Broadcasting is the best way. But, in official WhatsApp, you will be only able to send a Broadcast message to 256 members. But, with the help of YoWhatsApp, you can send Broadcast messages to 600 members.

  1. Inbuilt security feature

This app also comes with the feature of Do Not Disturb or DND in which you can disable Internet access for your WhatsApp so that you will be offline from YoWhatsApp. It also has an inbuilt lock feature which will secure your app.

  1. Common Modification

These are some best feature which we have listed above. Now we are giving some common features of YoWhatsApp like, Modify theme. Create a mass broadcast for 600 people. Use interactive and new emojis made by YoWhatsApp. Copy WhatsApp status of contacts.

Final Words

So, if you are Mod WhatsApp user and you are much familiar with it’s Mod then you might also have heard the name of YoWhatsApp. So, for making your research easier we have listed the top 5 features of YoWhatsApp on this article.

So, I hope this article is helpful to you guys. If you have any doubt then comment below we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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