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Lorenzo announces crypto Dash launch on ElectroPay


Lorenzo Rey, CTO, and Co-founder of Dash Text, Dash Help and Dash Merchant, recently in a Colombian Dash event announced the launch of new devices on ‘Electropay’ through which payments can be done easily and transparently by using an open-source cryptocurrency called ‘Dash’. The devices will soon be made available in different cities of Latin America.

About Dash
Dash is a leading payments-focused, e-commerce cryptocurrency. It has been ranked among the top virtual currencies by market capitalization. Dash provides a form of cash which is inexpensive, fast, portable and divisible. It can be spent instantly, easily and online at merchants across the globe; and at a fee lesser than debit and credit cards.

The development team of Dash has more than seventy members with an innovative and unique blockchain treasury and mining application. Dash is the only major self-governed and self-funded firm in the crypto industry.

Lorenzo said that Dash has collaborated with ElectroPay to further improve the devices and let the whole community pay easily and securely via Dash.

During the event, Lorenzo filmed a video demonstrating how to pay with Dash by using the ElectroPay POS solution. Lorenzo joined the team to develop the product line and the exchanges that teamed up to send many such devices into the Venezuelan market. The original video can be found here

How does the Device work?
The device has an e-paper display that utilizes low energy and works effortlessly. To make payment, one should open his/her Dash wallet then scan the QR code on the display which already has the price on it.

Post-scanning the code, the user should confirm the payment through the fingerprint protection. The e-paper then takes only a few seconds to confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, the payment is done and it instantly prints the receipt for the user and merchant.

With the help of the device, one can easily pay anywhere with Dash and even print a receipt, which helps the merchants to have control over their purchases. Therefore, the transactions on this device are totally secure, transparent and user-friendly.

Benefits of the Device
This device can be used at anyplace, anywhere without any risk. Imagine going into a restaurant and finding such a device propped on the table. One can easily pay the bill without having the need to approach the cashier.

The device comes in all different versions, prices, and sizes. It will be a revolution in the crypto industry allowing users to pay with ease and without any chaos.

This device will help more people to use cryptocurrency without any risk. As of now, the payments can be done by using Dash only on the device. However, the device will be a great asset to make payments with in daily life.

What is Dash Help?
Dash Help is a support center, especially for Dash. It is the very first support center of a virtual currency in the world. No other crypto offers such type of services to its customers.

At the Center they provide information about Dash, aid the users in solving any sort of issues regarding their wallets and also address queries related to Dash. The services are available not only in Venezuela but also Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina. Dash is planning to expand its services in the United States and Brazil too.

What do you think about this device? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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