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YooShi will Launch Angel NFT Charity Auction on Binance, No Wonder the Little Dinosaur Becomes Increasingly Popular with the Community

Recently, the Meme and Metaverse sectors in crypto asset market showed volatility, SHIB, AXS and other related projects accordingly had a large rise. As a project with the attributes of both Meme and Metaverse, YooShi once became one of the fastest growing and best-performing crypto assets in the community, getting so much attention from the community.

Viewed from its development, YooShi is actually a Meme coin born in May 2021. At that time, animal coins benchmarking SHIB were spawned in the great mass fervour of Meme. After only a round of decline, most of them disappeared and investors suffered heavy losses. However, YooShi showed the community what is the real spirit of Meme, and later launched YooShi NFTs, NFT stake mining pool, GamePad blockchain game incubators and liquidity mining, etc. in rapid succession, growing into a blockchain game Metaverse of NFT+GameFi incubator and guild alliance in only half a year. So far, investors and players who participate in YooShi ecology at any stage have benefitted a lot. Some people even commented that the history of YooShi’s development is a textbook of successful transformation of Meme.

Under the market cusp, YooShi once again reached a higher level in popularity: YooShi coin holding address increased at a rate of more than 50,000 per week, the total holding address exceeded 350,000, successfully reached the standard of the fifth token burn; YooShi’s large trading platforms such as MEXC and; YOOSHI became the third Meme coin to enter the top 100 market value after DOGE and SHIB…

Recently, YooShi also announced via social media that it will hold a YooShi Angel NFT charity auction on Binance NFT on November 9th. Some were offended to think it was just a marketing campaign, others also speculated that YooShi and Binance’s increasingly frequent interactions imply a possible larger cooperation in the future. But if you get to know YooShi better, you’ll understand the real reason behind YooShi’s charity activities, and you will totally fall in love with this project.

Speaking of charity in the field of crypto assets, I believe many people still remember the “forced donation” of SHIB in May 2021. SHIB’s founder sent 50% of the total amount of SHB ($500 trillion) to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin at the beginning of this project. People regarded this move a respect to Vitalik, and believed that Vitalik will never use these SHIB with his worth, so it can also be regarded as a burn of s SHIB.

However, in mid-May, at the height of the SHIB boom, Vitalik Buterin donated 5 billion SHIB (worth about US$1.2 billion at the time) to the Indian Coronavirus Relief Fund, and also donated tokens passed on to him by ELON, AKITA and other developers. SHIB did have a charity plan, but it is only a relief for Shiba Inu. The arbitrary use of “burned” SHIB and the forced withdraw and donation funds from the liquidity pool is definitely a collapse of faith for the SHIB community. The SHIB market plunged 40% on the news. Charity is supposed to be an act of expressing love to the world by giving within your power, but if the giving is an imposition for others, it goes against the original intention.

YooShi’s charity is fundamentally different from the forced donation in SHIB community. “HOLD, EARN, HELP OTHERS” has always been YooShi’s philosophy. Many new community members have lost sight of the concept behind YOOSHI simply because of its impressive market performance. In fact, YooShi has been committed to helping others since its foundation and focused on patients with Angelman Syndrome.

Angel syndrome is an intellectual disorder caused by genetic defects. The main clinical manifestations are severe developmental backwardness, low intelligence, language impairment, movement or balance disorder, abnormal behavior accompanied by laughter, smile and excitement. There are currently 15,000 patients with the disease worldwide, most of them are children. Although is born to laugh, be pure and lovely, every “angel” represents a broken-hearted family behind them.

YooShi’s smiling dinosaur image design is inspired by the angels with Angel syndrome, and the casting of YooShi Angel NFT in YooShi Family NFT series is also designed for them.

There are 1000 YooShi Angel NFT in total, and players can cast Angel NFT through compositions of other YooShi Family NFT. Costs will be incurred in casting and 60% of them will be donated to Angel Syndrome patients. The BSC address involved in the casting of Angel NFT will also be recorded on the donor list. In its own way, the YooShi community takes initiative to help others within its power.

Proceeds of YooShi’s Angel NFT charity auction on Binance NFT will also be transfered to a charity account to help others. YooShi’s charity account already had assets worth $1.6 million. Therefore, this charity activity initiated by YooShi is not a marketing campaign, but a kind of adherence to the concept of “doing valuable things, creating value and helping others”. Does that make YooShi’s smiling dinosaur cuter?

Interests can bring people together quickly, but the right values can make a community go far. It is no wonder that more and more people choose to join YooShi community, and we sincerely look forward to a better performance in the future of YooShi, a project full of positive energy.


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