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Afrostar All Set to Launch its Token Presale, Aims to Become the United Digital Currency of Africa

(October 24, 2021) – Africa is buzzing with new hopes for tomorrow, armed with a young and fast growing base of workers and professionals. In the peer-to-peer digital currency market, it is counted among the fastest growing, and is in the top three ranks for crypto adoption at the grassroots level. To support and take this vast ecosystem forward, Afrostar is born.

Afrostar aims to become the united digital currency Africa. As the numero uno cryptocurrency of Africa, Afrostar will be in a position to offer the most desired features and facilities to all Africans. 

  • It will make trade between any Afro country possible with its united currency. 
  • Africans will be able to invest in the platform and currency to reap returns. 
  • Expats will be able to quickly remit money home.  
  • The blockchain itself will be available to make dApps and blockchain based services available across Africa.

“We are proud to announce the revolutionary Afrostar platform to be launched in three phases. The African continent is the future leader of the world, and we want to do our bit to make it possible,” said a spokesperson.

Phase 1 of the project will launch the crypto token Afrostar. It will also be the time to invest early in the platform. The project will raise awareness, and 3% of the tokens will be used to fund local small start-ups.

A unique thing about the Afrostar token is that it uses the static reward system: every transaction will grant more tokens to the holders. In Phase 2, the Afrostar coin and the blockchain will be launched. 

The P2P Afrostar Exchange will be the place where Africans will be able to buy and sell the tokens and be able to make or receive payments. This will strengthen the African economy and entrepreneurship system with quick and fast payment processing.

With Phase 3, the exchange will be operational, along with an NFT platform. Facilities for traders will include copy trading. Afrostar will be the one-stop place for all crypto and blockchain requirements across Africa.

“As more and more people use the Afrostar platform, there will be more fees and commissions, which will in turn be used to buy Afrostar tokens, thus creating more demand. Along with the static rewards system, this makes Afrostar stand out from the rest in terms of return expectations,” says the spokesperson.

There are several other features that make Afrostar the focus of crypto investment this year. These include worldwide use with African focus, a top marketing team, decades of business experience, and a rich network in Africa and worldwide. 

Right at the start, there were 0.5 million potential customers for the Afrostar. The tech team is experienced and work has begun for the crypto exchange and the copy trading feature. There are other unique aspects too for safety and security of investors – like the whale tax to prevent dumping of tokens, a bot killer smart code, locked liquidity pool and buy back fund.


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