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Gamestar is Launching in the NFT Game with Blockwiz

Toronto, Canada, Sep 29, 2021: Gamestar and Blockwiz have announced a pre-launch partnership. It will target social media growth and SEO for Gamestar before its launch.

With the advent of Blockchain technology, a diverse range of possibilities have opened up in the trading and finance spaces. One such possibility is the trading of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. The concept is to create tokens attached to digital assets like graphics, photographs, 3D models, etc. each piece attached with one token. These works can then be traded among people with many more possibilities available too.

Among these are game NFTs, gift cards, and other tradable assets. Gamestar is a brand that intends to fill this space through its platform. In its pre-launch phase, Gamestar is actively pursuing social media growth with Blockwiz. The partnership between Gamestar and Blockwiz has already delivered steady growth in their Instagram and Twitter handles with a 400-500% increase in followers.

Partnership Impact

Team Blockwiz has taken the task of social media marketing for Gamestar with a target of growing outreach and Brand marketing before the launch. SEO is another aspect they are targeting for organic reach.

Joshua Vizer, CEO of Gamestar commented, “Gamestar is proud to announce we have collaborated with probably the best crypto and blockchain marketing agency, Blockwiz for our global crypto marketing & branding solutions. Within weeks, Blockwiz has planned the strategy for our pre-launch, and I’m looking forward to strong organic growth with this partnership.”

Gamestar is planning to launch its platform in the last quarter of 2021 with the new year bringing new possibilities in the Game NFT market.

Dev Sharma, CEO and Founder of Blockwiz commented, “Blockwiz is a pioneer crypto marketing agency and our team is expert at working wonders for our clients. We are excited to have Gamestar with us and also, to be a part of the gaming NFT market. It is among the most anticipated market in the crypto space and Gamestar is all set to be a pioneer in the industry. We look forward to being the storyteller of this story.”

About Gamestar

Gamestar is a platform for trading game NFTs, gift cards, game items, and other tradeable assets. The platform is set to launch in the last quarter of 2021 and will be available to users from then on. Gamestar is headquartered in Casper, USA and headed by Joshua Vizer with an incredible team of blockchain experts.

About Blockwiz

Blockwiz is a global crypto marketing agency that provides solutions for crypto marketing for more than 50 global brands like ByBit, C-Trade, Remitano, and many more. They operate as an agency as well as an extension to marketing departments for all these Brands.

Blockwiz offers services for influencer marketing, content marketing, press releases, social media management, SEO, community growth, and paid online advertising. They follow a data-driven approach to crypto marketing and customize service packages to suit the need of their client’s goals.

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