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The Blockchain Metaverse YooShi Launched the Angelman “Smile Challenge”, Every Participant Will Receive 1 Million YOOSHI

With an increasing number of people achieve wealth growth in crypto asset, more new investors have been attracted and flocked to this field. At the same time, blockchain project developers have made great efforts to get the attention of these investors, such as the common airdrop activities which require participants to follow official media accounts, experience products and so on. A project with good fundamentals is likely to change its nearly zero-cost crypto assets to a huge asset in the future, and this kind of expectation also becomes more of an incentive for investors to participate in the blockchain project’s award-winning activities.

YooShi launched the Angelman “Smile Challenge”, and each participant will receive 1 million YOOSHI!

The hottest sector in crypto assets today is the metaverse, where YooShi is becoming one of the most promising projects with a bright market performance and expanding ecology. And on November 16th YooShi launched an activity- “Smile Challenge”, giving each participant a certain amount of free YOOSHI tokens, which is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for investors who want to ride the wave of metaverse wealth at zero cost. But the rules for participating in the “Smile Challenge” are more special relative to regular airdrops.


YooShi “Smile Challenge” time: November 16th – December 16th;

Participation rules:

  • Share a photo of your grin and a card with “Smile Challenge” on it in your hand on Twitter. Tweet with the text: Show love and Care to #Angelman with a beaming smile! #smilechallenge
  • Tag three friends, invite them to participate in the challenge;
  • Fill out the form:

As a blockchain metaverse of NFT+GameFi incubator +P2E association, YooShi unexpectedly launched a promotion activity that had nothing to do with YooShi products and blockchain games incubated by YooShi GamePad, which is simply a charity activity. For each additional participant, YooShi will transfer 5 million YOOSHI coins from the charity account to the Angelman Charity Fund pool. The goal of this ativity is to donate 300 billion YOOSHI, which will eventually be used to focus on Angelman’s Charity activities through Binance Charity, and each participant who attend the activity as required will also receive 1 million YOOSHI as personal reward!

YooShi, a metaverse project that integrates charity into the DNA

What is Angelman? Why does blockchain metaverse YooShi open Angelman-related charity activities? It seems that all new players to the YooShi ecology throw doubt on these questions, and even feel like YooShi doesn’t attend its proper business. You blame YooShi wrongly.


YooShi’s official website has introductions about Angelman and the story behind the charity. Angelman Syndrome is a rare mental disorder caused by a genetic defect, mostly in children. Although children with Angelman are born to love laugh and be pure like angels, behind them are symptoms such as severe stunting, low intelligence, language disorders, movement or balance disorders. YooShi, as a Meme coin, integrated the concept of “HOLD, EARN, HELP OTHERS” into its genes at the beginning of its existence. If you have an in-depth look at, you’ll find that the little green-smiling dinosaur representing YooShi IP image, as well as the image of YooShi Angel NFT were inspired by Angelman syndrome patients.

YooShi has grown from Meme coin to the blockchain game metaverse of NFT+GameFi incubator +P2E Guild. Currently, with hundreds of thousands community members and the blockchain game incubated by GamePad has also been recognized by the market. While speeding up ecological construction and community popularity, YooShi does not forget its original intention to help the little angels suffering from Angelman syndrome. The proceeds from the casting of YooShi Angeman NFT and the previous YooShi Angelman NFT auction through Binance NFT will also be used to help Angelman patients.


Yooshi’s smile challenge is a public welfare activity to help patients with Angelman Syndrome. Participators can also obtain 1 million YOOSHI awards at zero cost, which is more meaningful than the conventional airdrop activities. Moreover, as the governance token of decentralized blockchain metaverse YooShi, YOOSHI should not be underestimated judging from its value-added potential.

On the one hand, metaverse is an investment hotspot at present and even in the next decade, and YooShi has become one of the most noteworthy projects in this field. On the other hand, YooShi’s deflation model will generate more YOOSHI repurchase and burn in the growing economic behavior with the expansion of YooShi’s ecology, promoting YOOSHI’s rise continuously. Viewing from the blockchain browser, more than 61.8% of YOOSHI has been burned. At present, YOOSHI just reached the top 100 in global crypto asset market value, which is still dozens of times behind SHIB and DOGE, both of which belong to the Meme concept.


The field of crypto assets has never lacked the story of getting rich overnight. For example, the recent air drop activities of ENS and IMX have made many crypto asset enthusiasts who participated in these projects several years ago obtain a lot of assets this year. Maybe a few years later, you can also reap a lot of wealth through YOOSHI reward obtained by participating in YooShi smile challenge today. After all, one who loves to laugh won’t have a bad luck.

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