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The House of Adamo to Release 7,777 Unique NFTs as it Aims to Trailblaze in Non-Fungible Fashion

The House of Adamo will release their flagship collection dubbed Adamo NFT. It comprises  7,777 unique Fashion mannequins that will be fully clothed.. According to details published on their website, holders of Adamo NFT will have unfettered access to its global community. Therein, holders will learn more about the role of NFTs in the multi-billion-dollar fashion industry. Adamo holders would be among the first to, in detail, learn about the possibilities of non-fungible fashion and its place in the metaverse. 

A Presence in the Metaverse

The project creators are pinning their hopes on the blossoming NFT and metaverse industries. With NFTs gaining traction to command billions in trading volumes and technology companies doubling down on building their metaverses, the House of Adamo is determined to use this chance to highlight the role fashion designers and artists can play in blockchain and metaverse. Subsequently, they plan to have a presence in different metaverses, adapting their assets within respective ecosystems. So far, they have indicated their intention of purchasing land in the Decentraland and The Sandbox metaverses, establishing houses of luxury fashion.

The House of Adamo is launching a platform built from the ground up that will bring together fashion enthusiasts to grow their identity and brand in an environment where quality is prioritized. Each minted NFT will be unique and expertly designed by experienced specialists and team members drawn from across different disciplines who have banded for a single purpose of highlighting the potential of pure art anchored on blockchain capabilities. 

The creators of Adamo NFT realize the potential of linking NFTs, physical clothing, and the blockchain. As such, the development team is confident that their creation will be a standout, setting the pace in the emerging and potentially multi-billion non-fungible fashion industry that will be central in the metaverse and NFTs. 

In their whitepaper, the House of Adamo stated that each mannequin and artwork would include quality pieces featuring exceptional 3D renders expertly conceived by their talented design team and brought to life by their renderer– Juan Ledezma. Juan is a Hamburg-based NFT artist whose work is inspired by, among many other factors, philosophy, social criticism, and Sci-Fi. 

Focus on the Community

The House of Adamo is also focused on community engagement. Towards that end, they are looking to build their social media followings. They are now introducing a new hashtag, #fitforadamo; a campaign precisely meant to draw the attention of the global fashion community to the platform. From there, they will be free to express themselves and build their fashion brand by posting pictures of their creation. 

As part of this goal, the House of Adamo will select participants and whitelist 1,111 users, allowing them to mint Adamo NFTs. However, this won’t be the end of their campaigns. They have stated that future community engagements would be where Adamo NFT holders would be free to send their inspiration for future lines and holders will see their inspiration come to real life through the physical clothes. 

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