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How Solidbit is Set to Become the Number One Digital Asset Exchange for the Institutional Traders

Solidbit is an upcoming crypto exchange that is catering for the corporate and large scale trading companies by offering tailor made institutional grade services. It is tuned towards the specific requirements of large  scale institutional investors and traders.

Where other Services Fail

Solidbit may seem like just another crypto exchange that claims to be the best solution for the crypto traders across the world. Don’t be mistaken, its offering goes well beyond that . Most crypto exchanges, even the most advanced ones, fall short of the demands of corporate investors and traders.

The answer to that problem lies within the nature of cryptocurrencies themselves. It was designed to be disruptive and work towards the concept of universal financial inclusion.  The  digital assets are not just limited to institutional clients. This in turn means that modern day trading platforms have to cater to the needs of the  individual traders as well.

By trying to cater for everyone’s needs,  the services ended up being generic in nature – appealing to the largest target market possible. This has led to a situation, where institutional investors find that the services are extremely lacking for their specific needs.

An Institution for Institutions

That’s where Solidbit  comes into play. It is a modern exchange platform that has been specifically created to cater specifically to the needs of the institutional investors – to meet their very stricts and specific demands.

The exchange complies with the EU laws, giving traders a sigh of relief that their activities are in line with the rules and regulations set by authorities., Solidbit is also able to offer fiat services, having partnered with the major banks and payment providers, such as SWIFT and SEPA, allowing corporate clients to easily deposit and withdraw their money.

With fewer, large scale traders, liquidity could become a really big problem. Solidbit solves this problem with an Ocean Deep Liquidity protocol, it enables crypto to fiat conversions, no matter what the order size is. Coupled with banking support, this means users can easily enter and exit the market whenever they need.

Extremely customizable UI, a plenty of customisable widgets and APIs, means that institutions can alter their trading experience to suit their specific needs in any way they want.

Amazing Security

With institutional clients, Solidbit does not take a light stance on its security. It has multiple protocols in place to provide the highest level of security to its users’ assets and money.

As a regulatory compliant platform, Solidbit has access to traditional banking support. All clinets fiat deposits are kept safe in an independent regulatory bank – which keeps the money away the platform. When it comes to digital assets, 98% of all cryptos are stored in a cold wallet that is physically disconnected from the blockchain networks and impossible to hack into. Only a small amount (2%) is kept online for liquidity and withdrawal purposes.

Solidbit also offers some common security features, such as Two Factor Authentication (2FA). It is a technology that acts as a secondary password layer with limited expiry time.

Whitelisting of wallet addresses is also available, so that the assets could only be withdrawn to a pre-approved crypto wallet. This means that even if the client’s account is compromised (a rarity in itself), the hackers will not be able to withdraw the assets to their wallets.

Overall Conclusion

Though Solidbit is a newcomer in the crypto industry, it caters for all of the needs that institutions might require. This gives Solidbit a huge advantage to become the favorite platform for corporate clients.

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