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Move2earn Is Becoming the Next-Generation Ecosystem for incentivizing wellness

Oftentimes, we forget that a healthy mind cannot exist without a healthy body, and Move To Earn apps give us the motivation to exercise. For this reason, many creators are looking into a new type of cryptocurrency earning method closer to nature; one called ‘move-to-earn’. 

The crypto industry has embraced this new emerging trend, which is undoubtedly the future. Several projects are competing for an early share of the Move To Earn craze, which is sweeping the world. But, regardless of the project, they all have one thing in common: generating income.

Many projects are available on the market that offer move-to-earn benefits. However, deciding which project is right for you can be challenging. To simplify the search process, we have identified an emerging project known as Motearn, which is making its way through the town. 

What Is Motearn, and What Is Its Purpose?

Motearn is a Gamified-Wellness ecosystem that combines NFTs and IRL Smart Shoes to create the world’s most sustainable Move2Earn community.

Motearn was born as a result of a web2 wearable technology company transitioning to web3 in search of the best ways to incentivize people to move more and sit less.

In simple words, Motearn is an app that helps people manage wellness in an enjoyable and stress-free way, thanks to wearable technology from Embry Tech. This app was developed after the team spent four years researching and developing the most accurate and reliable technology for tracking physical activity and biometric data. 

What Makes Motearn Unique From Other Move-To-Earn Platforms?

With Motearn, you don’t just get another M2E application. Instead, you get a wellness ecosystem focusing on privacy, reliability, and connectivity. Furthermore, Motearn has developed a new category of IRL NFTs, called ctNFTs, for its ecosystem. Owners of smart wearable devices can connect them to their favorite ctNFT to unlock additional utility power and earning potential.

Additionally, users earn cryptocurrency rewards only by maintaining a physically active lifestyle rather than by purchasing them. Therefore, the ecosystem’s core tenets are reliability and activity-based earning mechanisms. Embry Tech’s research and design team has developed proof-of-walk technology that enables Motearn to reward users based on the reliability of the activity tracking device. 

Another thing that makes Motearn unique is its focus on user privacy and security. When it comes to such apps, users usually worry about data security. Those who own a Motearn shoe ctNFT will be able to access the Motearn mobile application exclusively. Motearn will release its wallet and shoe-minting applications publicly in the coming months for iOS and Android.

The fact that 3rd parties will be joining the rewarding pool makes user privacy even more important. Hence, Motearn employs non-GPS technology to maintain privacy. As a result, the user’s data is converted into crypto tokens ($EMETs/$MOT) that will ultimately enable the user to trade without the risk of exposing any personal information.

Motearn’s Core Concepts

Connected Tangible NFTs (ctNFTs) will allow wearables to connect to NFTs and unlock more earning potential and utility. As part of a new wellness experience, everyone can create a connected wellness experience in digital and physical spaces that encourages well-being in the real world.

Incentives can encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits since exercising isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sitting all day is terrible for your health. The human body needs regular exercise to remain healthy. It is essentially the purpose of moving to earn games to encourage people to exercise more. 

The benefits of people being more physically active extend to third parties. For example, the sedentary lifestyle costs employers, insurance companies, and governments hundreds of billion dollars annually. 

Thus, move2earn’s next-generation platform will encourage these participants to pay to prevent these problems. 


Motearn will be minting its collection of 3210 IRL/NFT shoes in six batches at 2 week intervals, with the first batch starting on September 15th, 9:00 PM UTC with a supply of 500 NFTs.

With Move2Earn Games and apps rising, you will hear about more apps daily. Once again, we would like to remind you to be careful where you put your money; not every app is going to be worth it. Motearn is our favorite because it shows all the signs of being the most sustainable in the long run, and its tokens $EMET/$MOT are in early phases yet so that you can take advantage of early adoption.

Remember that the token price will fluctuate based on the app’s user growth, so do your research, do your math, and double-check the statistics before you acquire any “shoe NFT” or whatever they sell.

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