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Justin Sun Donates $1 million in Crypto to Save Environment

Justin Sun Donates $1 million

The giant player and crypto billionaire Justin Sun, CEO of Tron has announced to donate $1 mln in crypto to support the environmental activist Greta Thunberg who has become famous due to her heavy criticism of the world’s governments regarding their environmental policy. The purpose behind such a handsome donation is to save the world in the absence of blockchain. 

Justin strongly believes that crypto transaction can induce the carbon footprint’. Moreover, several Bitcoin critics point out that Bitcoin mining is destruction for the world, despite the requirement of huge electricity and increasing pressure on the planet’s resources.  

Justin Sun’s take on the donation

Justin Sun, 29, believes that he is proud of being still a young entrepreneur. He shares Greta Thunberg’s passion to bring various positive changes to the world. Crypto is predicted to provide a significant contribution to decreasing carbon footprint by executing decentralized settlement.  

Greta Thunberg leads Person of the Year 2019

Greta Thunberg, 16, initiated creating power-back headlines in August 218 after conducting a school strike outside the Swedish parliament to protest about the lack of progress being made on aiding climate change. 

As she is young enough in the industry, she is becoming one of the most influential people all across the world, has 3.7 million followers on Twitter. Moreover, she recently honored with the title of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. 

Soon after this award, Sun grabbed a bid to dine with legendary investor Warren Buffet with the intention of convincing the crypto cynic about the benefits cryptocurrency can offer.

Justin Sun's Donation

This shed light on the current ecosystem of mainstream blockchain solutions. Second, they have proven how the framework can be applied by dApps developers through a real-time case study: a depended on image application for the insurance domain. Developers were capable of successfully choose a brand new blockchain and migrate their application based on the insights grabbed from the framework.

Their future work incorporates fine-tuning the framework by using attractive yet more professionals from the blockchain world. Afterward, they plan to assess the pinnacle 50 implementations to have a complete panorama of the existing solutions, beyond the Bitcoin and Ethereum hype. Finally, they’re currently developing a series of questions inside the shape of a wizard, to manual practitioners in the use of our framework for selecting the most appropriate blockchain.

Sun’s pledge also appeared less as compared to the previous one, since his Weibo account was reported to shut down, creating yet another wave of negative PR for the marketeer.

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