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Introducing MEXC Global, the First Consumer-Focused Cryptocurrency Exchange

While businesses all over the globe are adopting blockchain technology), there has also been a growth in businesses that let investors purchase, trade, and store bitcoins. The crypto industry is just a little over ten years old, but there are already over 580 different crypto exchanges that allow investors to trade virtual currencies. 

It may be difficult for novice cryptocurrency investors to differentiate between legitimate exchanges and those that seem credible because of a flashy website or a well-known spokesperson. Even exchanges with high trading volume in a specific cryptocurrency or pair of cryptocurrencies are a poor predictor of quality since it is straightforward for exchanges to simply report phony statistics in a market rife with unregulated providers.

With all this happening worldwide, a new crypto exchange platform was born in 2018. Its role as a pioneer and first mover in financial and blockchain technology has helped MEXC Global grow to a platform serving more than 10 million users across 172 countries in just four years. 

The Need for MEXC Global

With the recent boom in late 2017 and early 2018, people saw the potential of the newly adopted technology and wanted to participate in the technological revolution. Unfortunately, although there were few crypto exchanges, only a few offered the high-performance and mega transaction matching technology required to match the new technology. 

The amalgamation of performance, safety, and stability provided by MEXC global helped it to reach the top ranks in the cryptocurrency exchange platform. As MEXC Global moves forward in its mission of becoming the go-to platform for new traders and experienced investors as they move forward in their financial journey, the magnificent achievement of 10 million users in 172 countries is a significant milestone.

The Features

Safety and scalability

The MEXC Global offers users a Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture to ensure their safety and the platform’s scalability. Moreover, the platform’s industry-leading security and financial stability protect users’ identities and funds.

High Performance

With 1.4 million units handled per second, the high-performance trade matching engine is among the most sophisticated in the world.

High Liquidity

There are over 6 million traders on MEXC GLOBAL and a wide range of financial partners, ensuring sufficient liquidity and resources.

Localized Language Support

The MEXC Global platform supports multiple languages worldwide, enabling localized content for local traders.

Multi Cryptocurrencies Support

To name a few, MEXC Global provides trading pairs and cryptocurrencies for our traders, including BTC, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, etc.

Manage Portfolio Easily

MEXC Global’s one-stop services platform offers robust features, high execution speeds, and low fees, which will help you become a successful trader.

Multi-Platform App Support

With MEXC App, users can buy and trade all their favorite tokens effortlessly, anywhere, anytime.

Products Offered by the Platform


A total of 1,500+ cryptocurrencies are available for users to trade at the best rates.


The leverage across futures contracts can reach 200x. In addition to hedging spot positions, Futures can be used to hedge options.

Leveraged ETFs

No margin or risk of liquidation. The MEXC Global platform has leveraged ETFs that can be traded similarly to spot trades on a spot trading platform.

Why Choose MEXC Global

In addition to its high-performance platform and its ability to offer everything a crypto trader needs in one place, MEXC Global has been making news of its impressive achievements. The platform recently won the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” award at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. 

Experts from the financial sector created the high-speed trading engine known as the MEXC Global Exchange, which can complete 1.4 million transactions per second with ground-breaking efficiency and improved performance. At MEXC Global, user security is our first concern, which is why our servers are separately housed across many nations to provide the highest level of data security and integrity.


MEXC has successfully built a presence over and across key continents and jurisdictions worldwide, and it is governed by some of the most known countries in the world, either directly or via affiliates. Furthermore, for investors from many nations, MEXC Global additionally provides customized language assistance, making it more straightforward for them to transact. With all of this in mind, the platform is unquestionably a top pick for both newbies and experienced crypto users.

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