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Globant Is Supporting a New Metaverse Initiative for the Spanish Soccer League Laliga

Globant Is Supporting a New Metaverse Initiative for the Spanish Soccer League Laliga

A collaboration between Laliga, the top soccer league organization in Spain, and Globant, a mammoth software company in Argentina, will provide its fans with Web3 and metaverse experiences. 

Bringing together the technological capabilities of Globant and Laliga will allow the organization to expand its digital reach.

Many large sports organizations have expanded their digital presence to reach more fans and offer additional opportunities to participate. Its top soccer league, Laliga, has announced a partnership aimed at increasing its digital presence. 

How Will This Change Things?

Among other things, these new features will complement the existing digital offerings of Laliga’s tech section, which already includes fantasy gaming, design, and programming. 

According to the news release, these new technologies could be used to develop video games. Oscar Mayo, the executive director of Laliga, says that the spike in demand demonstrates the sector’s commitment to this area. The sports and entertainment industries can benefit from LaLiga Tech’s digital transformation services. 

A number of business processes have been automated by one of the sports league organizations, Laliga. This month, a license IP experience has been made available in one of the parcels within the Ethereum-based metaverse platform Decentraland. 

In the same way, the group just released its own blockchain-based identity management software, MAS. Mojang’s Minecraft, a block-based game, also provides authorized items for the business, allowing it to break into the traditional gaming asset industry. 

Laliga’s roster features a wide variety of teams that users can outfit any character with through skin packs. Laliga has previously used NFT in her work. With the aim of issuing NFTs featuring the league’s greatest moments, NBA Top Shots partnered with Dapper Labs in 2021.


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